Halcyon Haze – Another Exciting New E Liquid

Halcyon Haze – Another Exciting New E Liquid

Halcyon Haze – Another Exciting New E Liquid

Halycon Haze

Followers of Smokshop will know that we’ve been busy lately adding lots of exciting new products and juices to our stores. We work hard to ensure only the best juices and flavours hit our inventory, and this week we’ve added a new line of e liquid that we know our customers are going to love. It’s called Halcyon Haze and contains some unique, unusual and very tasty new flavours.

Halcyon Haze are a UK e liquid manufacturer based in London and love playing up to the stereotype of British eccentricities. Their e liquids are ‘exquisitely British’ and especially crafted for vaping connoisseurs and flavour aficionados.

They’re created by a dedicated group of London based vapers who have refined their skills by producing lots of different vape flavours to date. They claim each flavour undergoes a rigorous development process, in which carefully picked ingredients are blended to perfection. They’re certainly different and their flavours are definitely distinct. We fell in love with our first vape, so we’ve stocked all 7 of their blends right here on our website.

Flavours by Halcyon Haze

As with a lot of e juice manufacturers Halycon Haze have kept their line simple, and gone for quality over quantity. We’re sure as time progresses they’ll be adding new flavours, but if they only keep these seven blends then they’ll still have a brand to be proud of.

Sweet Prudence

Sweet Prudence is a 50/50 blend of deliciously sweet flavours. Combing tangerine zest, acacia honey and French vanilla, blended with a melody of secret ingredients, this is a flavour you’ll have never tasted before. It truly is a cacophony of flavours with a deliciously sweet after taste.

Earth Brother

This is a juice for those that like a nutty tobacco vape. The taste of chestnuts roasted on open fires, and Turkish tobacco rolls across the tongue in a warm tasting vape that’ll keep you happy for weeks.

Gins Addiction

Gins Addiction is a bold and charismatic vape that’s great if you like something different. Made from white gin, natural blackcurrant, absinthe, lemon, a mint fusion and light a menthol, this concoction is seriously intoxicating.

Northern Lights

If you’re a fan of liquorice then you’ll love this combination of liquorice with red and white grape, and hint of minty menthol. It’ll blow the cobwebs away and keep you feeling dandy all day long.

Sergeant Vapour

Sergeant Vapour is a 70/30 VG high blend, which is mixed with vanilla cream and buttery shortbread and blended with a tasty tart rhubarb and raspberry.  It’s a quintessentially British flavour and is an absolute delight on the taste buds.

Venus in Vapes

This is a robust aniseed flavour mixed with sweet molasses and apple puree, complemented by rich custard and bourbon vanilla. It’s another unique vape by Halcyon and almost impossible to describe. All we can say is that we loved it, and we’re sure you will too.

Yellow Biafra

This is a vape for those that enjoy something sweet. It’s a sweet cocktail of ripe banana, golden syrup and toasted almonds, mixed with notes of vanilla and a hint of candy floss. They say it’s a “complex vape of arcane enchantment, which will beguile your senses”, and we would have to agree.

It’s brands like Halcyon Haze that make the e liquid world so great. There’s such a diverse range of brands and flavours that maybe we’ll never have this much choice again. With the TPD looming and other EU directives sure to be announced over the next few years, we could one day look back at right now being the Halcyon days of vaping. So enjoy it while it lasts!

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