Binary E Liquid – New to

Binary E Liquid – New to

Binary E Liquid – New to

Binary E Liquid

As part of our influx of new products we’re delighted to offer you a new e liquid to get your teeth into. It’s called Binary E Liquid and they have a fancy bottle and great flavoured juices. We’re currently stocking Binary in nice sized 15ml bottles and we’re pretty sure you’re going to like them as much as we do.

Binary are an American e liquid manufacturer with a unique design and some pretty funky flavours.  They’ve been around for a couple of years and we thought it’s about time we offered their juices to our loyal customers. We’ve tried and tested all the Binary flavours and are delighted to say they’ve passed the strict tests carried out by our in-house vapers.

Flavours by Binary

If you hadn’t guessed, Binary have based their branding on computers. With names like Virus, Byte and Array you can tell they like their science, so how do the flavours compare to the names?


Virus is a high VG blend with a 71/29 ratio. It’s a mango and guava flavour with an added “secret ingredient” to give you an exciting tropical twist. It takes a little getting used to with a juice this high in VG, but it’s a great tasting vape that would serve you well on any occasion.


Array is a mixture of raspberry, sour apple, kiwi, lemon, and another secret ingredient that’ll have you wondering just where you’ve tasted it before. Array is a complex blend that works wonderfully, and for vapers that like to try different juices it’s a must have for the collection.


Pow is another high VG blend with a 73/27 ration. The mixologists over in their labs have been thinking outside of the box with this pomegranate, watermelon and marshmallow fused vape. It’s a refreshing fruity flavour that’ll dance on your taste buds and have you coming back for more.


Siren is a delicious mix of blue raspberry and juicy grape that’s also high in VG. Binary have melded another secret ingredient into this blend and it has a sweet after taste of candy. I don’t know what they’re doing in their labs but they keep succeeding in developing unique flavours that no one else has tried. And they work!


Speaking of unique and interesting flavours, Binary seem to have topped the lot with their new Byte flavour. Byte is strange but wonderful blend of berries, mixed fruits, breakfast cereal and milk. You would think it impossible to replicate this type of flavour in an e liquid, but Binary have somehow managed it. Cereal flavours are gaining in popularity lately, and Byte is right at the top among the best cereal vapes you’ll find. It’s so tasty you’ll be vaping beyond breakfast and into lunch and dinner!

All flavours by Binary are uniquely interesting and definitely worth a try. They’re all high in VG content so have great cloud production and use natural ingredients which you can really taste in the flavour.

We’re stocking the 15ml bottles for £8.99 and for the quality of juice on offer it’s a great deal. We’re waiting eagerly to see what the scientists over at Binary come up with next, and if it’s as good as any of this lot then you can be sure we’ll be stocking it on our website.

Until then, happy vaping!

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