Be an Animal with ANML Premium E Juices

Be an Animal with ANML Premium E Juices

Be an Animal with ANML Premium E Juices

ANML E Liquid

As part of our drive to keep our website stocked with the absolutely best products and juices, we’ve just taken order of two of the best flavours by premium e liquid manufacturers ANML.

ANML are a high end juice manufacturer based in the States and the idea was created by the same mixologist and gastronomic-genius behind Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve and Gemini Vapors. They claim to stand in a class of their own and if they keep making juices like Looper and Carnage then they won’t hear any complaints from us.

Both Looper and Carnage have been garnering excellent reviews in the vaping community both here in the UK and in the States. They’re both premium juices and we currently have them in 30ml bottles for £16.99. So for a high-end e liquid the price point isn’t too bad.  They come in three nicotine strengths, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg and with a 50/50 pg/vg ratio you’ll know your vaping on a premium e juice.


Cereal blends have been making big waves this year and gaining in popularity for their fresh, distinctive flavours. Looper is no exception and is one of the better cereal vapes you’ll find.  It’s a fruity cereal mix with a splash of creamy milk and gives a smooth yet crisp vape. The flavour is complex but immediately recognisable as a delicious cereal breakfast. One of the reasons cereal vapes are becoming so popular is because of the freshness they offer. You could wake up and vape one of these and its light overtones of cold milk blended with fruity cereal will set you up nicely for the day ahead. The reviews for this juice have been off the scale and it’s right up there with the very best e liquids. If you haven’t tried a cereal vape yet, or you have but you haven’t tried Looper by ANML, then get yourself a bottle today. You won’t be disappointed.


The other flavour we’ve got by ANML is their insanely popular Carnage. Carnage is a strawberry vape and is sweet like candy. If you ever had strawberry vines as a kid then you’ll know the heady, intoxicating flavour this juice offers. If you like your strawberry vapes then Carnage is the juice for you. It’s right up there with the very best strawberry juices. It’s a 50/50 blend so kicks out nice clouds with a full intense flavour of strawberry candy. We’re pleased as punch to be able to offer it to our customers, and you can find it right here.

I’m sure we’ll be adding more flavours by ANML to our inventory as they become available. They only have three at the moment and Looper and Carnage are by far our favourites. There’s a lot of debate about what makes a premium e liquid, and ultimately many agree it comes down to the taste. If you can find a juice you like vaping all day every day from a cheap manufacturer, then that’s great. If you like something as complex as a cereal juice, then you’ll only find the kind of blends offered by ANML under the premium range. But at £16.99 for 30ml, it doesn’t work out too bad anyway.

Check out both Looper and Carnage on our website here.

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