5 Awesome Vape Exhibitions to Look Out for in 2018

5 Awesome Vape Exhibitions to Look Out for in 2018

5 Awesome Vape Exhibitions to Look Out for in 2018

Since our last article on the top vape exhibitions to look out for in 2017, there has been a massive increase in the number of independent vape exhibitions. However, for the veteran vape exhibition-goers, a few of the favourites have returned! Have a look below who the new guys are and who’s come back for another year.

What is a Vape Exhibition?

A vape exhibition is an event that invites thousands of vaping enthusiasts from across the globe to come and try out, buy, sell, experiment and even flaunt their vape skills with other like-minded enthusiasts.

What’s Changed Since 2017?

With every year that passes, the vape community grows. Vaping in the US makes up 43% of the world’s total vapers and the Euromonitor International estimates that there are, at the very least, over 20.8 million vapers worldwide. And with cigarettes and tobacco forever increasing in price, vaping is only set to get bigger.

The 5 Vape Exhibitions to Look Out For

Here is SmokShop’s countdown to what we think are going to be the five biggest and best vape exhibitions this year.

VapeCollective – TBA

Unfortunately, VapeCollective 2017 was cancelled last year due to an issue with their new venue. However, they’re back this year and are taking over Parklands in Doncaster. Being only 15 minutes from the town centre, it allows people to explore the town if they fancy a break from the exhibition.

Entry is free (as it always will be) and it’s all about connecting vaping enthusiasts from around the UK and the world – as long as you can make it to Doncaster!

The organiser promises that VapeCollective will make amends for last year, promising to be the biggest and best event yet.

UK Vapefest – 4th and 5th of August

UK Vapefest returns for another year at the Greenhous West Mid Showground, set in the heart of Shropshire. Similar to the VapeCollective, the city centre is only a 15-minute walk from the event itself, giving people the opportunity to explore more of the beautiful surroundings throughout the day.

With 53 acres of land and bordered by the River Severn, the area has been used for other renowned events in the past. One of the most popular events is the Shrewsbury Folk Festival, which usually attracts more than 20,000 visitors each year!

Vapefest is and will always be free and no tickets are required upon entry. And, as always, there will be two bars at Vapefest – so if you’re feeling a bit parched after trying out some new e-liquids, or you’ve exhausted yourself taking part in a vape competition, this could be the event for you.

Global Vape Fest – March 30th – April 2nd

This is an event SmokShop didn’t cover last year but it’s picked up some positive attention over the last few months and has earned a place in our list!

Held in Moscow, Russia, the three-day event will feature over 200 exhibitors. The first day (March 30th) is aimed at attracting retail and wholesale sellers and distributors looking for new products.

The next day opens itself out to the wider vaping community, with less of a focus on B2B. There will be vape contests, cloud chasing competitions, dance shows and interactive activities – all demonstrated by exhibitors. There are also numerous giveaways on the day, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for stalls that are promoting new or trial e-liquids, you might get some freebies.

This event is aimed at those who really appreciate the craft and finer details of vaping. It’s also one of the biggest and best B2B platforms if you’re a distributor looking to expand your vaping wares.

Next Generation Nicotine Delivery USA

The Arena International presents their USA edition of the successful Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Conference series.

The series invites all the well-known leaders from across the nicotine products industry to debate, discuss and promote new findings within the industry. The main topics which are discussed are e-liquids, pharmaceuticals and e-cigarettes.

This event is tailored more towards the developments within the vaping industry rather than testing out e-liquids and partaking in cloud chasing competitions. The event description summarises the event as: ‘This is a strategic event targeted at those who have commercial or regulatory responsibility. This will not be a scientific or medical research focused event, but a platform to share best practise and meet solution providers to allow US manufacturers to start and increase sales within the US and abroad.

Vape Jam UK

Vape Jam UK has become a solid mainstay in the vape exhibition scene, especially in the UK. Vape Jam invites hundreds of national and international vape manufacturers, retailers and vape enthusiasts to take part in their 3-day festival at ExCel London.

The event will be split between one and a half days of B2B and the other half, B2C (Business to consumer). Since the new TPD regulations have been introduced, Vape Jam UK will of course be complying with them to ensure the event runs safely and smoothly.

Since their establishment in 2014, Vape Jam UK has become one of the UK’s most trusted and leading vaping exhibitions, bringing manufacturers and enthusiasts together from all over the globe for consecutive years. The owners of the event say that ‘Vape Jam UK intends to remain the premier Electronic Cigarette and E-Liquid Trade Show in the UK by presenting compliant product, key industry players and leading manufacturers in the global business capital that London is.’

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Make sure you’re prepared. Vape exhibitions are fantastic opportunities to test out new e-liquids and mods that you may not find in local vape shops. The events bring in hundreds, if not thousands of different e-liquids and kits for you to trial and test, so be sure to take advantage of this! If you’re looking for some inspiration, or you’re itching to try out some new merchandise, why not quickly browse our e-liquid page or our check out e-cigarette kits – where we’ve slashed a few of our prices!

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