12 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas For Vapers – Merry Christmas!

12 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas For Vapers – Merry Christmas!

12 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas For Vapers – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Smokshop!

It’s Christmasss! Santa’s on his way and you can bet he’s got some amazing vaping goodies in his bag! Seeing as it’s Christmas we thought we’d give you some gift ideas to make your Christmas extra special this year. These items are on my wish list and I’m hoping Santa’s gonna empty his sack with a few of these little beauties inside.

12. Kanger Subox Mini Kit

Subox Mini Kanger

This little kit is known for its awesomeness. It’s small, lightweight and packs plenty of punch. The clouds produced by the Kanger Subox is hard to believe and it’s a real step up from a standard kit. Kanger are one of the best brands in vaping and continue to push the boundaries in what we can achieve with our e cigarettes. The Subox Mini is a vast improvement over earlier models and can output from 7 watts to 50 watts with 0.1 watt increments. It fires as low as 0.3 ohms which can produce unbelievable volumes of vapour. It contains a high amp battery which is easily changeable to ensure years of good quality vaping.  The kit has everything you’ll need to start vaping right out of the box including:

1 x Kanger Subox Mini Mod
1 x Kanger SubTank Mini
1 x 0.5ohm OCC Vertical Coil
1 x 1.5ohm OCC Vertical Coil
1 x RBA
1 x Derlin Drip Tip

If you know a vaper then there’s no doubt about it they’ll be thrilled with the Kanger Subox Mini Kit, and you can find it right here for £59.99.

11. Kanger Subox Nano Kit

Subox Nano Kanger

This little baby is similar to the Mini kit but goes Nano extreme. It’s the perfect kit for discretion and comes in three beautiful colours. Don’t be deceived by its size and ladylike appearance, this little demon’s a rocket. It’s a pint-sized mod that offers a massive 50 watt of power and goes all the way down to 0.3 ohms to produce thick clouds of vapour. If you’ve got a special lady in your life then she’ll be thrilled when she opens the Kanger Nano on Christmas morning. It’s a full starter kit that includes:

1 x Kanger Subox Nano Mod
1 x Kanger SubTank Nano
1 x 0.5ohm OCC Vertical Coil
1 x 1.5ohm OCC Vertical Coil
1 x Derlin Drip Tip

It’s a vapers dreams and you can buy it in time for Christmas right here at £49.99.

10. Kanger Subvod Kit


The awesome, brand spanking new Kanger Subvod is an entry level electronic cigarette capable of using sub ohm coils. It comes with a 1300mah battery, Subtank Nano-s and has the new ssocc 0.5ohm coil installed. This kit is a smasher and the perfect Christmas gift. The battery is charged by a micro USB cable (included) and has a 510 connection allowing it to be used with other 510 compatible tanks. The Subtank Nano-s is a 1.9ml pyrex tank with airflow control. If this doesn’t get you revved up for a good Christmas then only Santa knows what will! Find it here for only £28.99.

9. Menthol Flavoured E liquid

Menthol e liquid

Christmas is the time to experiment and it can be great fun trying out a range of funky flavoured e liquids. With all the sweets, chocolate, mince pies and turkey, Christmas can play havoc on your taste buds. It’s a fact that if you vape on a menthol e liquid for a while it can cleanse your palate and get your taste buds moving again. This juice by Hangsen is one of the best, and it’s even better at only £4.99. Again it’s another perfect stocking filler and you can find it right here.

8. Kanger Genitank


How about a new tank for Crimbo? Kangertech produce some wonderful tanks and the Genitank is a real beauty. It has an improved airflow system that was redesigned by Kanger and can hold 2.4ml of e liquid. Like all Kanger products it’s a quality build and can provide many weeks of high quality vaping. A perfect little stocking filler at only £9.99. Find it here.

7. Aspire Triton Tank

Aspire Triton

If you really want to splash out on a tank, and after all Christmas is a time of indulgence, then the Aspire Triton is an amazing quality tank at the high end of the market. It has an adjustable airflow on the tank and another below the tip, which allows you to really crank up the flow.  It’s a sub ohm tank so make sure you have a battery that will fire sub ohm coils. This is an advanced piece of kit for vapers that like to pack a real punch with their e cigs. I would love to wake up to this little beauty on Christmas morning, so I hope Santa is reading this page!  Find it here.

6. Innokin iTaste VV Kit V4.0


You thought a battery was just a battery? Well think again. This battery by Innokin is packed full of features.  It’s variable wattage/voltage which means that users can set the power to their preference. There’s a small screen which displays the settings and resistance of your attached device. It has a sleek square shape to prevent accidental damage by rolling from tables and breaking. It has a 3 click on/off feature allowing the device to be turned off for safe transport. All in all it’s all you could ever want in a battery, and it’s all you could ever want for Christmas. If you needed a battery. Find it here for only £29.99.

5. Kanger Nebox Kit


Another brand new addition to Smokshop is the amazing Kanger Nebox. It boasts a built in 10ml capacity tank which comes pre-loaded with the Ni200 coil but also supports OCC & SSOCC. The Nebox boasts temperature control and outputs a more than adequate 7-60w. The Nebox is a great looking ergonomic all-in-one device which is perfect for the modern vaper. This is the future of vaping right here and you can order just in time for Christmas! See it in all its glory for only £59.99 here.

4. SmokTech XPRO BT50

SmokTech Box Mod

An oldie but a goodie. We all like a bargain, especially at Christmas, so how about this amazing mod box by SmokTech that’s reduced from £89.99 down to £39.99. That’s less than half price! It’s an amazing piece of kit. It’s a variable wattage box mod capable of going from 6 watts to 50 watts. It uses a single 18650 battery and also has bluetooth capability allowing you to connect to it via a smart phone app! Now that is something I would love Santa to bring me. Buy it here before they’re all gone!

3. SmokTech ACE Mod

SmokTech Ace

Now here’s an e cig that is lightweight and packed full of features. The SmokTech ACE is a new variable voltage/wattage advanced electronic cigarette. The ACE is available in two finishes, silver and stainless steel, and has a 510 and EGO threaded connection making it compatible with most 510 and EGO devices. It has a removable top section in order to for easy cleaning, as well as many other great features. This e cig is a favourite among experienced users and would make a fantastic present this Crimbo. It usually sells for £34.99 but if you hurry you can get it for £19.99 right here!

2. Smoktech Mini Z-Max V2 Chrome


The bargains just keep on coming with this beautiful SmokTech Z-Max V2. It’s one of the most popular variable voltage/wattage e cigarettes on the market. It’s small, lightweight and looks amazing. The Z-Max V2 is available in 18350 (battery sold separately) and has the standard 510 threading making it compatible with 510 devices. It’s packed full of features meaning even the most advanced users will have plenty top play with. This is a marvellous piece of kit and we’re sure Santa will have lots of these in his bag this year. Again we’re offering it at an amazing price. It’s usually £34.99 but we’re selling it for £19.99 right here.

1. Smoktech Pyrex Dual Coil Tank

SmokTech Tank

Now if you’re looking for stocking fillers this little tank is perfect. The Smoktech Pyrex tank is covered in aluminium with non-detachable caps, corrosion resistant, loaded with a 1.5ohm dual coil cartomizer and XL drip tip. It’s a wonderful tank and available at the ridiculously low price of only £2.99! See it here and get ordering before it’s too late!

Bonus Stocking Fillers

Want something a little extra to throw in a stocking? Go on, it’s Christmas!

Smoktech eGo Carry Case with Zip

Ego carry case

It’s a fact that most of the damage done to e cigarettes is caused by the way we carry them around. Having an e cig in your pocket can bend it, break it or even accidentally trigger it. So if you want your kit to be safe and available at all times then you need a good carry case. This carry case by Smoktech has everything you could possibly need all in one place. It not only carries your battery and charger but also your juice. All in a compact case that’ll fit in a pocket or handbag. With a case like this you never need to run out of juice or battery power again, and it makes a perfect stocking filler. Find it here for a snip at only £6.49.

Efest Safe Battery Charging Bag

Efest Charging Bag

With all the scaremongering in the media lately why not invest in a battery charging bag? This simple little bag can prevent the rare occurrences of a fire and put your mind at rest. Most people worry about their Christmas lights and the festive period is hectic enough without worrying about electrical faults. This safe battery charging bag will allow you to forget about any hazards ever coming from charging your e cig. It makes a perfect stocking filler at only £7.99 and you can find it right here.


Merry Xmas

There’s not long to go and you’ve still got time to get ordering before the big day. We’re sure there’s going to be lots more innovations in 2016 and hopefully good news all round for vapers. The NHS are pushing the benefits of e cigs, and Scotland have even allowed vaping in hospitals. So all the signs are there that 2016 will be a pivotal year for vaping!

But for now, we’d like to wish you a very merry Christmas from all the staff here at Smokshop.com.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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