Why Be Single When You Can Have Two On The Go?

Why Be Single When You Can Have Two On The Go?

Electronic Cigarette Dual Coil

In today’s post we are going to cover a subject that has been the centre of many debates among vapers. Do you use a clearomizer tank, a cartomizer tank or a rebuildable atomizer?

Single coil vs dual coil, which is better?

Ultimately it comes down to your personal preference, but we will do our best to explain the differences between them and the positives and negatives to using one or the other.

Single Coil

A single coil, as the name suggests is one coil inside your atomizer vaporising the e-liquid as power is applied. Single coils are usually of a higher resistance than dual coils, depending on the device being used. For example, if you are using a rebuildable atomizer then you can wrap your coils to be any resistance you like, but typically if a single coil option is 1.8-2.0 ohms, then the dual coil equivalent would be 1.5 ohms.

The Advantages of a Single Coil

As a single coil is just one coil, the time it takes to reach optimum operating temperature is reduced in comparison to a dual coil. A single coil delivers a crisp flavour in comparison to a dual coils and punchy flavoursome hit. Also, because the resistance of a single coil is higher than a dual coil, or less power is applied to a single coil of the same resistance, your battery life can be extended greatly over a dual coil set up. This also reduces consumption of supplies, meaning less e-liquid is consumed and atomizer heads typically last longer saving you money. If you are using a rebuildable atomizer a single coil can also save you both on materials and the time taken to rebuild the atomizer. We have also noticed that single coils tend to last longer in rebuildable devices in comparison to their dual coil equivalents.

The Disadvantages of Single Coils

A single coil atomizer head or coil in a rebuildable atomizer does not usually have as much customizability in terms of the voltage range that a dual coil would have, and can also struggle to keep up if high power is applied. As a result of using less power they can produce less flavour and a cooler vaping experience, which some do not like.

Dual Coil

As mentioned above a dual coil is an atomizer that uses two coils instead of one. A dual coil is made in different ways, with the most common being side by side in an atomizer head or opposite each other in a rebuildable atomizer. In a dual coil things work slightly differently as you are adding another resistance wire for the current to pass through. Because of this you actually half the resistance of each wire, so a 2.0 ohm dual coil is actually the result of installing two 4.0 ohm single coils.

The Advantages of Dual Coils

As a rule of thumb there are two coils working in a dual coil atomizer, which yield a warmer vapour and thicker vapour. Also, there tends to be more adjustment available when using a dual coil, typically from 3.0-5.5 volts, where as a single coil of the same resistance tend to start burning at 4.2 or higher. Because of this the throat hit can be increased as a result of the two coils vapourising more e-liquid than a single coil.

The Disadvantages to Dual Coils

As you would usually run more power through a dual coil setup, battery life can be greatly decreased and e-liquid consumption can increase as a result of this. The atomizer heads in replacement coil systems also do not usually last as long, all of which can cost more money and reduce the life expectancy of your battery, as it is being charged more often. The same applies if you are using a rebuildable atomizer, with the addition that more materials are used to build your atomizer and it is more time consuming build.

We here at SmokShop like to use both, as they provide a different vaping experience and which vape you prefer is entirely down to your own preference. Some of the best flavour and vapour we have had has come from both dual coil and single coil atomizers. We can only suggest you try both and find your own preference.

As always feel free to leave your comments. We would be interested to hear which setup you prefer, and as always, Happy Vaping!

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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