What is an Electronic Cigarette?

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

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Going back to the very basics we have decided (for those of you that don’t know) to explain exactly what an electronic cigarette is.

By definition an electronic cigarette is a tobacco cigarette substitute that uses vapour. It helps smokers control their intake of nicotine and also allows them to smoke in public places.

How it works

An e cigarette works much like a regular cigarette as far as how you use it, but more scientifically the electronic cigarette, or e-cig, uses an air flow sensor when you inhale on it. That sensor then tells the built in microprocessor to trigger an atomizer. Then, vapour is produced by the atomizer when it converts the liquid nicotine, or “e liquid” held in the cartridge to vapour by heating it. Of course, then, the smoker inhales the vapour while at the same time a water based vapour is released which resembles smoke. The “smoke” has absolutely no risk to the smoker or anyone else around him or her.

In addition to creating smoke-like vapour and providing a smoking experience for the smoker, some e cigarettes also look like actual cigarettes. This helps the smoker grasp the habitual side of smoking a cigarette and having something in their hand. If you continue to use an e-cig without the help of traditional cigarettes you’re now known as a vaper, and you are now vaping instead of smoking.

What is a Cartridge?

Some e cigarettes come with cartridges. These cartridges hold the liquid, which contains liquid nicotine as well as tobacco extract for flavour. It also contains Propylene gycol. Again, there are no proven harmful chemicals in this, much unlike a regular cigarette.

How Does It Get Power?

All electronic cigarettes are battery powered by a lithium battery.

How Can I Tell If My Battery is Charged?

There is usually an LED light indicator that will change from red to green. The light is red when the battery needs to be charged. Then, when charged the light will change to green. Don’t worry if the LED pulses or shows blips of green while it is red and charging. It’s normal.

How Long Will A Battery Take To Charge?

Most models will take roughly eight hours to fully charge upon first use. Then, it will take most e-cigs two or three hours to charge for use after the first time. If you use a USB device to charge your e-cig, it may or may not take a bit longer.

If you buy a two battery starter kit, or a spare battery, then one battery can charge while you use the other one.

How Do I Charge The Battery?

E-cigarettes can be charged in different ways. First, there is usually a main charger that comes packaged with the device. Secondly, you can get a USB charger and hook it up to your computer. As another option, you can purchase a USB cigarette lighter converter for your car. You can also plug the e-cig into a portable charger. The portable charger itself will charge through the USB port on your computer.

Is It Necessary To Have Spare Batteries?

After many uses, lithium batteries can lose their power capacity. It should be noted that e-cig batteries usually only last two or three months. So yes, spare batteries would be a good idea.

My E-cig Doesn’t Operate Properly?

If you have battery problems, like the LED not lighting up when you inhale, the battery is probably bad or it needs a good, long time on the charger. Don’t forget to take the battery off the atomizer at night before you go to bed. The battery will drain overnight because they go to “stand-by” mode when not in use.

Is My Battery Faulty?

When you connect the battery to the charger and the light does not turn from green to red or does not even flash, the battery is probably bad. Also, if you inhale with a charged battery and you don’t get any vapour and/or the LED doesn’t light up, your battery is likely bad as well. In some circumstances, this scenario could also mean the atomizer is bad. Be sure to try a new atomizer before deciding that the battery is faulty.

The Law and the User

The e-cig is a safe device and has CE and RoHS certification to prove it.

An anti-smoking law was introduced into the UK with the Health Act 2006. It banned the use of tobacco cigarettes in public places.

Tobacco cigarettes kill over 100,000 people a year in the UK because they produce tar, carcinogens and carbon monoxide along with about four hundred other toxins.

It’s chapter 28 of the law that incorporates the smoking ban. It discusses how smoking refers to the process of smoking anything that contains tobacco. Smoking includes the possession of anything tobacco related that is lit. So, the e-cig is not currently included in this because it does not use tobacco. In fact, it can be used in any location, even locations that have banned cigarettes.

There is currently lots of debate worldwide about e cigarettes and some cities (especially in America) are banning them. If you subscribe to our blog you will be kept updated on all of the latest news concerning e cigarettes.

There is no doubt that e cigs are safer than tobacco shops. Maybe there needs to be stricter regulation on the quality control, which is why you should always buy from a reputable supplier (such as smokshop.com). We only supply high quality products from reputable manufacturers, and are always on hand to offer advice. So happy vaping, and if you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment in the box below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
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