What is an e cig coil?

What is an e cig coil?

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The coil of an e cigarette is the thing that is inside the atomiser which heats up the e liquid ready for you to vape. It comprises of a heating resistance wire and wicking material. All atomisers will contain a coil of some kind, whether it be a bottom coil, vertical coil or dual coil. Some vapers like to take this further and build their own coils.

Rebuildable Atomisers

Rebuildable atomizers come with an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) dripping style. They are called dripping atomizers because the e liquid is dripped directly on to the coil. A big drawback to this is that you need to constantly apply your e liquid each time you want to vape. Because of this tank atomizers were built. An RTA, or rebuildable tank atomizer has a tank that is filled with e liquid. This allows constant use and eradicates the need to keep applying liquid to the coil as you would with an RDA. There are literally thousands of atomizers available but they are all fundamentally the same.

When you get deeper involved in vaping you will realise there are little nuances that change the style of your vape. Some prefer higher vapour production, others prefer to concentrate on nicotine delivery, and others prefer tighter or looser air draws. Each atomizer will focus on one of these things, and the dedicated vaper will want to build his or her own atomizer to tailor it to exactly how they want it. This is where rebuildable atomizers come into play.

A rebuildable atomizer whether it be an RDA or an RTA is a type of atomizer that allows you to build your own coils. It has three prongs or posts that sit on top of the base that allows you to build your own coil and fix it to the posts. This is for advanced vapers that like to add more power to their e cigarette buy having larger coils. You simply screw the resistance wire to the post then thread your own wicking material through the wire. Larger coils will have a much greater vapour production and provide a more satisfying vape for those that want a real hit.

Building your own coils is a very technical process and there are a myriad of ways to go about it. It’s not for the fainthearted and definitely not for beginners, but if you know what type of vape you are looking for, and can’t find it in the pre-made atomizers then it is an option that can be very rewarding.


One of the main reasons to build your own coil is to increase vapour production. So if you want to have the Ferrari of vape production you might want to consider building your own coil. There are many different ways to go about it, and we may look at adding further articles on different coil builds, and how to build your own coil. But for now you at least have an understanding of what a coil is and why rebuildable atomisers are popular in the vaping world.

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