Vision Vapros Nunchaku

Vision Vapros Nunchaku

Vision Vapros NunchakuUnlike cigarette smoking which contains numerous toxic substances, electronic cigarette smoking, or simply vaping is different. This is where users inhale vapour, passed through a vaporiser or atomiser. The atomiser is attached to a battery, which provides the power. There are many batteries on the market and today we are looking at the Vision Vapros Nunchaku.

The Vision Vapros Nunchaku battery operates at 2000mAh and it is loaded with an adjustable wattage ranging from six watts to eighteen watts, giving its users a sophisticated tool for their electronic cigarette. It is an improved and versatile device featuring the following qualities:

Available colours

Currently the Vision Vapros Nunchaku is available in two colours, black and stainless steel. These give the battery a sleek, modern look and will go well with any coloured atomiser.

USB charging Port.

The USB charging port is internally installed on the battery’s head. This enables the device to be charged by being connected to a five voltage power outlet. The top of the battery has a power indicator that blinks when charging is in progress. The indicator however stops blinking as soon as the battery is fully charged. Recharging the battery usually takes between five to six hours.

Alternatively, the device battery can also be recharged by screwing the battery to a USB charger then connecting the charger to an external power source. The battery is fully charged when the USB light changes from red to green and device indicator stops blinking.

Power level indicator

Different levels of LED lights displayed indicate the level at which the battery has discharged. The number of LED lights range from one to five lights with five lights indicating that the device is fully charged and one light tells you that it is time to recharge.

A spin dial for adjusting watts

The spin dial can comfortably adjust the strength of power from six to eighteen watts with a lot of ease. Each power increment adjusted is one watt.

The pass-through functionality

Apart from charging, the USB port can alternatively be used as a pass-through outlet for vaping. However, before you start enjoying you vaping experience, ensure that the battery has been charged for at least ten to fifteen minutes. This is because drawing too much power out of the battery while it is charging will shut down the device.

The short circuit protection system

If the resistance is less than one ohm, the short circuit gives protection against atomisers that might be faulty. The light indicator will blink ten times then the battery will go off until the fault is corrected. This therefore ensures the device is always protected.

If you are looking for a battery for your electronic cigarette then the Vision Vapros Nunchaku is an excellent choice. It can be considered a high-end battery (priced at £32.99) and will give you a good solid vape, and last a lot longer than some of the cheaper options out there. If you are serious about your vaping then you should get a serious battery, and the Vision Vapros Nunchaku is definitely a serious battery.

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