UD Goblin RBA Review

UD Goblin RBA Review

UD Goblin RBA

UD is a leader in the vaping business along with the AGA T atomizer collection. After the achievements of successful products like AGA T5, T6 as well as some other atomizers, they got plugged into producing Kayfun style atomizers and also launched the brand new product that is certainly becoming popular.

The UD Goblin is a rebuildable dual coil tank atomizer. It functions a tri-post design with 4 wire terminal openings to help make the building of the product simpler. Two enormous Cyclops style air flow holes at the bottom of the Goblin provide for an unobstructed airflow and also enable you to produce substantial clouds of vapour.

The Goblin can be set up with two different size tanks 5ml or 3ml. With the 3ml tank the Goblin is lower than 50mm, that’s a fantastic tiny dimension for a 3ml tank that is easy to use when on the go.

What You Get

  • Unique design by Youde, this is simply not a clone.
  • Four-post style.
  • Bottom part airflow manage ring.
  • Twin 3mm air holes.
  • Stainless-steel body and Pyrex cup tank .
  • 3.0 ml fluid capacity.
  • Includes an additional 5.0 ml Pyrex glass pipe and a lengthier chimney to suit for the tube
  • Chimney style for superb taste generation.
  • Copper contact pin.
  • 510 threading.



The UD Goblin offers a substantial airflow, so that it provides a great hit and superb flavour. The deck is simple to build on. It includes a taller glass tank area and a great chimney.


The only disadvantage that some would say is that it can only be filled via the bottom screw.


  • Air Slots ahead of coil, with AFC;
  • Air holes by means of harmful posts to carry air to backside side of coil;
  • Air holes in prime of cover to create a machine effect;
  • Harmful posts are milled into the patio;
  • Deck is 24kt Precious metal plated (0.006 inches width);
  • Delrin insulator at drip tip (additionally may serve as AFC for top air-driven holes);
  • Revolving ‘T’ center post to satisfy a variety of different establishes;
  • Post openings big sufficient to suit 4 strands of 22 gauge. Therefore twisted builds will likely be very easy;
  • PEEK insulators with a melting purpose of 650F;
  • 22mm form variable.


    All things considered the UD Goblin is a great little vaping product. It is a product for advanced vapers, who like to get involved in building their own kit. We currently only have it available in our Smokshop Norwich shop, but if we get enough requests we would consider adding this product to our online inventory. As always if you have any feedback or comments about the UD Goblin feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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