Timebomb Vapors Review

Timebomb Vapors Review

Time Bomb Vapors E-Liquid

As regular readers of our blog will know, we are obsessed with e liquid. We try to sample and stock as many different e liquid flavours and brands as we can, and believe in giving our customers a wide a choice as possible. There are literally thousands of different e liquid flavours available and e liquid is as much about brand as it is about flavour. Each brand tries to be as unique as possible with their flavours and they each bring their own quirks and style to the vaping community, making e liquid as much about fashion as it is about taste.

Today we are looking at a very groovy and hip company that hails from Costa Mesa in California, and they are Timebomb Vapors. Timebomb was the original e liquid brand by Alena and Greg, who also brought us Buckshot Vapors. They’re an edgy brand with a distinct metal/hip hop look about them and they definitely have the street look about their packaging and design. A look at the skeletons with Mohican hair styles and tattoos on their Facebook page tells us a lot about the image they are trying to portray. As we all know though, when it comes to e liquid, style will only get you so far. It really is all about the flavour and taste that will keep customers coming back for more, so how do Timebomb match up? At the time of writing Timebomb have eight flavours on the market. Our regular readers will know that we believe it’s a good thing for e liquid companies to have a small, high quality and well thought out range, rather than going for lots of flavours and mastering none of them. Timebomb certainly have the right idea when it comes to this and their flavours are unique, distinct and of great quality. All of their blends have a 40% PG/60% VG ratio, which is our preferred blend here on Smokshop.com. A 40/60 mix gives the perfect full bodied hit that most vapers love and all of the Timebomb blends of e liquid have this ratio.

Flavours by Timebomb Vapors

    • TNT: A fruity mix of strawberry, apple and peach.
    • TNT Ice: The same strawberry, apple and peach as TNT with a mentholated minty overtone.
    • Heathen: Honeydew & dragon fruit
    • Carnival: A unique popcorn flavoured e-liquid.
    • Fuse: Strawberry and watermelon.
    • Pixy: A grape flavoured sugar sensation.
    • Joker: Blueberry and raspberry.
    • Julius: A sweet creamy orange flavour with a twist.

By looking at their flavours you can tell Timebomb are having fun with their e liquids, and certainly have a sweet tooth. Flavours like Carnival, which is a sweet popcorn flavour makes them stand out among other brands, and the Julius is like the favourite USA mall drink that was popular in the 80’s.

One of their most popular flavours is the classic TNT. It has great packaging as all Timebomb liquids have, with their edgy skeletons and punk feel. It is a fruity strawberry, apple and peach flavour and our reviews could taste the apple and peach more prominently than the strawberry. It’s a very sweet vape that isn’t too over powering. It is fast becoming a favourite among vapers because the flavour isn’t too strong like some fruity flavours can be. It’s more of a smooth, sweet vape with a great throat hit. They also do a menthol version of this juice, TNT Ice. TNT Ice has the same fruity feel to it but has a cool menthol after taste that will prove a big hit with menthol lovers.

Another of their popular flavours by Timebomb is Julius. It is reminiscent of the Orange Julius that is popular in malls across America, and has that same sweet, orange flavour. It has a distinct creamy feel to the flavour with light orange overtones. It’s a great all round vape for fans of orange and well worth a try.

Another flavour worth trying is Pixy. This flavour is like the grape Purple Pixy sticks that are reminiscent of the candy sweetshops across America. It’s a great, fun flavour that really does taste like the sweets but has a tart, grape edge that stops it from becoming sickly. It’s a unique flavour and well worth trying out for vapers that have a sweet tooth and are looking for something a little different.

Finally we have to mention Timebomb’s Carnival flavour. When we heard they had developed a popcorn flavour we were excited to try it out, and we haven’t been disappointed. It’s a satisfying popcorn flavoured vape that almost has a hint of caramel. You can definitely taste the sweet popcorn flavour and it has a great throat hit. It’s a shame that vaping has been banned in most cinemas because we could see Carnival being perfect to vape on while your settling down to watch a movie. If you like popcorn, you will love Carnival.

All in all we would say that Timebomb are a great e liquid brand and we are looking forward to more creations coming from their team. We have the full range available in our Norwich shop and will be looking at making them all available on our website just as soon as we can. If you can’t get down to Norwich and want to try some of these flavours, feel free to contact us and we will see if we can get some sent out to you.

As always we would love to hear your feedback. So if you have any comments about any of the Timebomb flavours, simply drop us a line in the box below.

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