The Schwartz E Liquid Review

The Schwartz E Liquid Review

The Schwartz Eliquid available to buy from SmokShop Norwich!

This week on the Smokshop blog we are taking a look at another E Liquid that has just arrived at our shores, The Schwartz. Regular readers will know that we try to review each and every e liquid brand that comes our way, so our customers can keep up to date with the latest manufacturers and flavours that hit the market. The Schwartz are an e liquid company hailing from Torrance in California and are gaining a big following Stateside.

The Schwartz’s main claim to fame is they have developed a new yogurt category flavour. We’ve all seen custard variants that have proved to be a big hit among vapers, can yogurt do the same? It kind of makes sense. Yogurt is a fresher, healthier version of custard and there are a huge range of flavours that can accompany it. Innovation is the key to success in the e liquid market and The Schwartz might be on to something here.

Flavours by The Schwartz

  • Comb the Desert: Creamy peanut butter yogurt mixed with hazelnuts.
  • The Downside: Spot-on Greek yogurt topped with fresh blueberries.
  • The Upside: Smooth, creamy yogurt infused with strawberries.

As you can see they haven’t got a huge range available at the moment with just the three flavours. But we have seen this trend with many e liquid companies and it is always best to master a small number of flavours rather than produce a wide range of flavours that fail to hit the spot. We are sure that over time, as The Schwartz gets more popular there are an infinite number of flavours they can mix with their trademark yogurt.

What About The Taste?

So it’s a novel idea, mixing yogurt flavours with e liquid, but how does it taste? Our vapers have tried out all the flavours by The Schwartz and the comments have been favourable.

The Upside for example is similar to a Yakult drink, and you can taste the yogurt and the strawberry. It’s a pleasant taste and not too overpowering. Some have commented that the strawberry could be stronger in this and seems to get a little lost. But overall this is a pleasant flavour, if not very memorable.

The Downside has proven more popular and users have commented on the yogurt flavour coming through a lot more than The Upside. This may have something to do with the Greek yogurt added, but the yogurt is definitely more prominent in this liquid. The blueberries come over the top of the yogurt as a clean, fresh taste and provide an excellent blend with the overall yogurt taste. The taste of the blueberries are a lot fuller than the strawberries in The Upside, and our reviewers have counted the Downside as their favourite of the range.

Comb the Desert is a peanut yogurt mixed with hazelnuts. You can really taste the hazelnut in this one, and fans of nutty flavoured e liquid will really enjoy it. The peanut comes across more in the aftertaste, as does the yogurt but the hazelnut is full of flavour.

All in all we would say The Schwartz are definitely one to watch. They have a great idea with mixing yogurt flavours into e liquid and we are looking forward to any future flavours their mixologists can produce.

As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding The Schwartz we would love to hear them. Simply drop us a line in the box below.

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