The Most Popular Question Asked In Vape Shops

As a vaping company we are asked plenty of questions every single day. It makes up a lot of our day to day routine here at Smokshop and people asking questions helps us help the people that come through our doors throughout the year. Thankfully we’re equipped with the experience to answer a lot of these queries and problems that our customers bring to us. Naturally we hear a lot of the same questions come up time and time again, but one of them trumps them all. One question we hear all the time is ‘Got anything fruity?’.

A seemingly innocuous question at first, but let me breakdown why this question is so intriguing. Here at Smokshop we stock an immense variety of e-liquids, of so many types of flavours you can’t imagine. Everything from coffee, mint, tobacco and the almighty fruity flavours. And even within that sub-genre of sub-genres of e-liquid the choice is actually quite immense. There are candy fruits, drink fruits, fruity fruits, menthol fruits, dessert fruits, sour fruits, and fancy pretentious fruits. You may be thinking, ‘well that’s mad, how could you possibly know where to start?’ And this is where the beautiful psychology of vaping and the flavours that people choose comes in to play. There’s no smoke and mirrors at work here, it just comes down to the choice that the discerning vaper tends to make when it comes to choosing their e-liquid.

Many people when giving up smoking are looking to replace their cigarettes with something as close as possible to a cigarette both in the experience of using one, and the flavour. However even more people want to keep the nicotine, keep the experience of smoking, but move as far away from the flavour of cigarettes.

We find that people that don’t want to vape tobacco flavours, tend to get drawn to those fruity flavours. This process itself is a matter of trial and error, and a lot of people will try many different flavours of fruits before landing on one they like and that often ends up being the flavour they stick with from then on. We as a society will often associate certain events with other things. Think about as a smoker, that first coffee in the morning, how you couldn’t have that without a cigarette paired to it. Or down the pub with a pint, in the summer, out in the beer garden with a cigarette. The latter of which is an event if it happens is also the hardest barrier to giving up for many people. Wanting to smoke with their friends whilst socialising in the pub. We do the same with movies too. Watching a film with a drink and a snack, wouldn’t feel the same without. So what we’re trying to do is change that association to a certain degree. Fruity flavours can be a taste pleasure to vape, they are juicy, they are interesting, and simply enough if it doesn’t taste good, who is going to want to vape it.

So when multiple times a day customers cross our threshold and the first words they utter are ‘Got anything fruity’ we are well prepared. We decided to create our own range of premium, UK made e-liquids. Manufactured to the highest quality and tested to the letter of the law guaranteeing you as a vaper are getting the best possible product. This is in a different league to the e-liquid you would pick up at a petrol station which is more akin to paint thinner than it is to anything you’d want to vape.

But not only did we make and release our flavours pre-mixed with nicotine in 4 standard strengths (3,6,12 and 18mg) but we realised that those who may want more than a 10ml bottle are going to want to try this incredible range, or maybe they just want something a bit cloudier, so we released the entire range in a 50ml, 50/50 shortfill version.

The whole range is centred around some of the best berry and fruit flavours, with some icy cool menthol and mint flavours and even a more curious sweet violet and no range would be complete without at least a couple of tobacco flavours to compliment it.

The most popular flavours in the range are things like Strawberry Jam, a delicate strawberries and cream flavour that is sweet, juicy and subtle, as well as our Blue Slush, which is a sweet blueberry with a cool undertone that stays nice and fresh.

We have the whole range available in all our stores and online now, with plenty of stock in every strength and size, so if you ever are stuck with wondering if we’ve ‘got anything fruity’ then be assured that we absolutely do, and you can be guaranteed it’s a premium e-liquid you know will taste and vape great.

Check out our range of great tasting Fruit flavours!

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