The Innokin iTaste VV kit V4.0

The Innokin iTaste VV kit V4.0

Innokin iTaste VV V4.0

The Innokin iTaste-VV kit V4.0 is the most recent addition to the Innokin vaping products arsenal. It is the latest gem of the ever popular eGo design battery. It comes with advanced safety features and is meant for vaping ease, as the technology allows you to vape while you charge. It is a great little battery for both beginners and advanced users alike and offers excellent value for money.

What Exactly is it?

It is a microprocessor-controlled variable voltage and variable wattage battery. From its predecessor the successful Innokin iTaste-VV v3.0, this current version is packed with wide-ranging features that will place it on the same bestselling map as the most popular technology on the market. It sleek design coupled with its advanced features make this device as user-friendly and efficient ever.


A variable voltage and variable wattage mechanism ensures that the user can power the vaporiser to their preference. In the variable wattage-mode, the VV4 wattage can be increased from 6.0 – 15 watts in 0.5-watts increments. For the variable voltage mode, power can be adjusted from 3.0 volts to 8 volts by increments of 0.1 volts. The minimum resistance is 0.8 ohms. The battery has a large capacity which is able to support vaping activities to the desired maximum. The battery comes in different capacities like750mAh and 1000mAh. It is a polymer Li-ion rechargeable-battery and its output is immense. The thread is a high compatibility 510 and eGo connector. The operation of the battery is quick and easy with 3 click on/off feature, which allows the device to be turned off for safe transport. The battery also has an on/off switch that adds to its user-friendly nature. When you want to switch it off, you press the power button three times in succession to power off, the same procedure should be used to power on. When it is on, you hold the power button down to atomize your e-liquid and vape.

It has a small OLED screen which displays clearly the settings and shows you the amount of resistance of an attached device and shows you the amount of battery charge you have left. To prevent unnecessary damage caused by accidents, it is square in shape to give it stability and avoid cases of the battery rolling off from surfaces like tables and breaking. For safety, the battery can be switched off for transport and it is featured with short-circuit and an atomizer protection which does not put you in harm while using the device. There is an over-discharge protection. For charging, you will have to use a micro-USB port and remember you can vape while you charge. The charging time is approximately 3 hours. You can charge it with a standard Micro USB cable. Before it can be used for simultaneous vaping and charging, it has to contain at least a small amount of charge. The battery level indicators are easy to see, the indicators are in different colours via an LED light. When it indicates Green, the battery is almost fully charged, in that case, when it is fully charged the LED light will go off. Red is for low power, hence needs to be charged and Yellow indicates under half power.

The Innokin iTaste-VV kit v4.0 is an affordable, dependable and a totally fulfilling battery for your electronic cigarette. Technology keeps moving forward in the e cig world and Innokin are right at the forefront. At £36.99 this battery has the durability and features that make it a keeper.

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