The eGo Electronic Cigarette – What Exactly Is It?

The eGo Electronic Cigarette – What Exactly Is It?

Ego Battery

The eGo Electronic Cigarette is considered an upgrade from the standard rechargeable cig-a-like style, and is preferred by most people who need a bigger battery and a little more vapour. Some of the many benefits of owning an eGo include a wide range of styles, colours and sizes. Most importantly, eGo electronic cigarettes are easy to use and charge and they produce more vapour than most rechargeable styles. It is hard to go wrong with these types of e cigs and they are a perfect choice for heavy to medium smokers. But what makes the eGo cigarette stand out?

Well, the eGo Electronic Cigarette comes in different sizes, colours and most importantly, a good price. These little electronics cigarettes have made a great footprint in the industry. The term eGo refers only to the battery section of the e cig and not the entire electronic cigarette itself. As such, in order to make a complete electronic cigarette, you need to purchase a tank or atomiser and screw it on top of the eGo to make it a complete eGo e cigarette.

The eGo Electronic Cigarette has gained popularity due to a number of reasons. One of the reasons for their success is that they use a standardised 510 thread used to screw the tank onto the battery. Most manufacturers use this threading so any cartomiser will fit as long as it has the same 510 threads. In this respect, there are different options in terms of tanks, atomizers, clearomizers and cartomizers.

Unlike other brands, a standard eGo electronic cigarette has only one button on the battery. This is the button you press if you want to use the device and can also be used to turn the device on or off by rapidly pressing it several times. If you want to carry it in your pocket, be sure that you have turned it off to avoid accidentally pressing it on.

Many users appreciate the fact that eGo electronic cigarettes offer arguably the best vapour, the best size and at the most pocket-friendly price. The flexibility and affordability of eGo e-cigs make it a perfect choice when looking for a reliable electronic cigarette with a difference. If you have tried disposables as well as rechargeable e-cigs and haven’t found the satisfaction you want, you can give eGo e cigarettes a try. Besides being easy to use, eGo e-cigs are also powerful and more satisfying. If you are just starting out with e cigarettes, it is highly recommended that you look for an Ego starter kit. The kit will give all the information and tips you need to start vaping right out of the box. Most importantly get some tasty e-liquids and you are sure to enjoy a vaping experience that will be both enjoyable and rewarding.

eGo makes a wide variety of e cigarettes that suit different tastes and styles. Some of the leading brands include the following:


Smoktech have a huge range in different e cigarette products and most of them use the eGo system.


Innokin are also a very well known name in the industry and are known for the quality and attention to detail in all of their products.


Kanger are huge in the e cig world, and their Knager Evod starter kit is arguably the best starter kits on the market. Most of their products also use the eGo system, and if you are new to vaping then Kanger are a great place to start.

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