Th3riac E Liquid Review

Th3riac E Liquid Review

Th3riac Eliquid Norwich

It seems the world of E Liquid is a vast, expanding place and new manufacturers, brands and flavours are hitting the market at an ever increasing pace. This is great news for the consumer and the amount of choice and flavours for vapers has never been greater. As regular followers of our blog will know, here at Smokshop we make it our mission to bring our customers all of the new e liquids as they become available. We like to try each and every new flavour as it hits the market and sort out the wheat from the chaff to provide our customers with nothing but the best E Liquid.

Today we are looking at Th3riac (pronounced Thir-e-ak), who are another American company that like to add a bit of mystery and ancient wisdom connotations to their brand. They claim to use only the finest ingredients in their blends and strive to give us something different in the world of E Liquid. They are a growing company and time will tell if they will stand the test, or fall by the wayside as other brands have done over the last past couple of years. Like most USA companies they have gone for the sweeter vapes with mixes ranging from custard to baked peaches. It has to be said that their flavours are smoother and have a nice sweet flavour that has some appeal to it and we are sure they will find quite a few fans here in the UK.

Flavours by Th3riac

  • Percisi: Percisi is a peach flavoured E Liquid with an aroma of home baked peaches.
  • Saccharon: A vanilla cream flavour with a hint of caramelised sugar.
  • Jento: A cookie crisp breakfast cereal flavour.
  • Granatum: A fruit blend of pomegranate and fruit berries.
  • Arbutum: A custard flavour with a strawberry twist.

The branding by Th3riac is all about ancient history and alchemists and long forgotten recipes for potions that have helped shape civilisation. We all love a good story and consumers in the States probably buy this sort of marketing more than we do in the UK. In the UK we are more about the product and if we like it we’ll buy more of it. It has to be said that the flavours are very smooth and unique to Th3riac and we are sure they will grow in popularity the more they become available. We currently only stock these flavours in our Smokshop Norwich shop, but we will be looking to add them to our website as soon as we can. With the sheer quantity and diversity on E Liquids available it is difficult to get everything on our website as soon as they come in, but visitors to our shop in Norwich are amazed at the range of products that we stock. If you can’t get down to Norwich, you can always contact us and we will see if we can get the product of your choice sent over to you.

As always we welcome your feedback, so if you have tried any of the Th3riac flavours, please drop us a line in the box below and let us know what you think.

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