T-Juice E Liquid Review

T-Juice E Liquid Review

T-Juice are a British based e liquid company, and we’ve been stocking their e liquids on Smokshop.com for a number of years now. They’ve been a very popular brand in the UK and have an excellent price range for those who prefer to keep their vaping budgets at a minimum. We’ve been stocking T-Juice for a long time so we decided it was about time we did our own review.

T-Juice Flavours

We currently stock fifteen flavours produced by T-Juice, and each one is worth checking out.

Red Astaire : Red berries and black grape with overtones of sweet eucalyptus, aniseed and menthol.
Clara-T: Similar to Red Astaire but with a more subtle aniseed kick and an added extra punch.
Black and Blue: Grapes and Blueberry with an aniseed kick and undertones of menthol.
Jacques Le Mon: Lemongrass with lime and some aniseed and mojito wrapped up with menthol.
Vamp Vape: Looks like blood, tastes like heaven. Creamy caramel extract with hints of coconut.
Jack the Ripple: Based on a classic British raspberry ripple ice cream.
Bubble Gun: Traditional pink bubble gum flavour with a great throat hit.
High Voltage: A super blend of menthol and maraschino cherries.
Strawberri E-liquid: Strawberries, a handful of raspberries, with a hint of cream.
Quintessence: A blend of wild red berries, citrus fruits and British herbs.
Mentice: A high quality menthol e liquid.
Green Steam: An ‘in your face’ blue/ black berry vape which offers a very robust flavour.
UK Smokes: Just like a traditional UK cigarette.
Colonel Custard: Attention all you Custard lovers. Great custard flavour.
Forest Affair: Vanilla, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry, Sloe and a sprinkling of spice.

    As you can see T-Juice have a fantastic range that should be able to suit most vapers tastes. There really is something for everybody, whether it’s tobacco, menthol, fruit or dessert flavoured e liquid.

    Let’s have a closer look at a few of their flavours.

    UK Smokes: is a very traditional cigarette tobacco flavour. It has a slightly herbal tone to it. It has a real earthy taste, and if you like British tobacco you should definitely give this a try. It has nice vapour production and is a great all round vape for those that can’t quite kick the taste of tobacco.

    Mentice: is a high quality menthol flavoured e liquid. It has a really nice flavour and menthol lovers will feel right at home with this blend. It has a slightly mint flavour to it, but the menthol really comes through. This is one of the best menthol flavours you will currently find on the market. So if you like menthol then this is the e liquid for you. It has an undertone of tobacco so is truly reminiscent of menthol cigarettes.

    Vamp Vape: We were looking forward to this as it’s a red coloured liquid designed to look like blood. If you have an inner vampire dying to get out then vaping on blood should tick a few boxes for you. It’s a creamy caramel flavour with a hint of coconut. Some say it tastes like popcorn flavour to it, but others say toffee. This is the caramel coming through and with the hint of coconut it is a really nice vape, especially for those with a sweet tooth. It has a great throat hit and full of sweet flavour. If you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend this e liquid.

    All in all T-Juice are a great e liquid company that are based in the UK and have a fantastic range of flavours. They are very reasonably priced so you should get over to our store and give it a try.

    See the full range here.

    As always we welcome your feedback here at Smokshop.com, so if you have any comments regarding any of the T-Juice flavours, drop us a line in the box below.

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