Stainless Steel UD Chloratit Review

Stainless Steel UD Chloratit Review

UD Chloratit

The Chloratit is a new rebuild-able dripping atomizer by the company that love to bring us innovation in design and products, Youde (UD). Like all products by Youde it has a solid build and a unique design that is aimed to give you a stylish vape that will stand the test of time. Despite the name this is a great little atomizer that will grace the collection of any serious vaping enthusiast.

What’s in the Box

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Diameter 22mm At The Base
  • Diameter 25mm At The Bulge
  • Height 28mm
  • 3 Air Holes
  • Triple Coil, 6 Post
  • 510 Fitting
  • Stainless Steel Finish


The UD Chloratit comes with a 501 thread, making it compatible with most mod devices. It contains four deep liquid reservoirs that can fit the wick, allowing for plenty of e liquid and vaping time. It will fit most drip tips 501/901 and has a fully adjustable air flow allowing for a true customisable vape. The cap wall has air holes that can be aligned with the vents allowing you to adjust the amount of cloud you want from your device.

This is a product for experienced vapers that like to get fully involved in building their own devices. The coil and wick are not preinstalled, so you really need to know what you are doing to use a product like this. Youde are well known for catering for serious vapers that like to build their own e cigarettes and their products are definitely not for the beginner. But as any advanced vaper or e cigarette building enthusiast will tell you, the rewards of building your own e cig are well worth the effort it takes in learning how it all works.

If you are new to building your own e cigarettes then we have expert staff in our Norwich shop that are always happy to help. So feel free to pop down and have a chat if you are considering getting involved.

It does come with a manual supplied and has all of the components you need to build your own coil, but caution is always advised when dealing with electronics, so make sure you know what you are doing before fitting a product like this.

It is well made and built to last and as with all UD products it looks amazing. If you are thinking of getting involved in building your own coils then the UD Chloratit is well worth the price tag.

As always, if you have any comments or feedback about the UD Chloratit we would love to hear it, so feel free to drop us a line in the box below. We currently only have this product available in our shop in Norwich, but if we get enough demand we would consider adding it to our online inventory. So feel free to drop us a line if you want to buy the UD Chloratit via the Internet.

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