Smoktech Silenus Mod Review

Smoktech Silenus Mod Review

Nowadays everyone is looking for the next big thing to help kick the habit of smoking. E-cigarettes have caught on in a huge way and have all the effects of smoking without the harmful chemicals and tar. Not only are they better for you than cigarettes or cigars but you can smoke them without being worried about second-hand smoke and all the smells associated with tobacco.

Here at Smokshop we love all things to do with electronic cigarettes and we have hundreds of variations that are among the best prices in the UK. Our website is simple to use and you will hopefully be able to find everything you are looking for. Of course, if you can’t we are always on hand to help and have a fantastic support and Facebook page for any questions.

One thing about electronic cigarettes is the amount of mods that are available so you can tailor your e cig to exactly the way you want it. One of the latest mods we have on our store, and one of the most interesting products that we is the Smoktech Silenus Mod . It looks like an old cigar you see on 1950 era films and has a classy rosewood finish. It comes with quite a high price but the quality of the brand makes it worth it. If you are an advanced vaper or e cig aficionado then it is well worth checking out.


As stated above the Smoktech Silenus Mod looks like an old chunky cigar you see in films but made is from rosewood and stainless steel. This gives it a fantastic finish that looks like it was brought back from the 18th century, but with a design from the modern era. The internal components are also impressive with a spinning knob in the centre which sets the voltage according to the users preference. It would truly be a talking point to friends who would be impressed by the overall design and the fact that it is much healthier than smoking.


Beautiful packaging (for a gift)
Variable Voltage
Flavourful taste
Long life


Quite large in comparison to other e cigs
No battery or charger provided with purchase


Overall the Smoktech Silenus Mod is beautiful aesthetically and would be a fantastic purchase but can be considered quite expensive for a mod. But as mods go this is in the high end of the range and a top quality product. If you like your e cigarettes then it would be a very nice addition to your kit.

As always, if you have any feedback, comments or questions about this product drop us a line in the box below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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