Smoktech RSBT Hybrid

Smoktech RSBT Hybrid

Smoktech RSBT HybridThe RSBT is the latest hybrid tank atomizer from Smoktech. RSBT stands for Rebuildable Stainless Bottom- coil Tank. The rebuilding of the device is made to disregard the need for a screwdriver, and is based on a simple two post deck, to have connections adjusted using thumb screws. The Smoktech RSBT hybrid has greatly revolutionized the Smoktech e cigarette, delivering great flavours and vapour output at brilliant prices.

Feature of RSBT Smoktech.

This unit provides a good air flow regulator ring at the base which is twistable but remains in place. It also has 5 air holes, thus you can dial the your preferred air flow.

It’s stainless except for the 4mI Pyrex tank which is coated with a protective outer brushed stainless cover which is windowed so you can see your e liquid levels.

The build deck is very simple. You can coil your wick using leads for the negative and positive posts, and you can use the thumbscrew to secure the coil. You then cut the wick to your preferred length.

This unit offers a Philips head adjustable 510 connection which can be adjusted effortlessly for your mod or battery.

The fill port is positioned at the top with a Philips head bolt securing the tank, which should be unscrewed to completely fill the tank, making filling an ease and possible in seconds.

It also provides a luxury dense Pyrex drip tip which has a stainless steel collar which is known for not effecting the flavour from your atomizer. This may be substituted with any other 510 drip tip of your preference.

It comes complete with a spare parts package comprising wire, O-rings, wick, screws, mini Philip screw driver and springs.

Dimensions: 22 mm wide; 48 mm high; 26 mm high Pyrex tip.

Advantages of RSBT Smoktech.

  • Has a Pyrex glass tank.
  • It is 510 threaded with an adjustable contact.
  • It has the ability to utilize any 510 drip trip.
  • The air hole is located on the outer casing.
  • It has a large tank capacity, approximately 4 ml.
  • The air flow is controllable.
  • Options for a silica wick, cotton wick and ss mesh wick are all available.
  • The body has a stainless steel base and contains rubber 0-ring seals.
  • Protective stainless steel body sleeve to prevent damage to the Pyrex glass.
  • Pyrex glass tank so all e-liquid can be used with fear of cracking the tank.

The package of the Smoktech RSBT contains; 2 o-rings, 2 springs, 1 screw driver, 1 silica wick, one 0.25mm kanthal wire, 2 bottom screws and one RSBT hybrid glass drip trip.

It is worth noting that the rebuildable wicks and atomizer coils are for experts and not beginners that lack the necessary multimeter experience and knowledge on the usage of the meter, when to use a meter or how the electronic device works. This is because of the delicate nature of the device and the risk involved if it is mishandled or misused.

All in all we find the Smoktech RSBT Hybrid to be a great piece of kit. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourselves.

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Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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