Smoktech Rocket Mod Review

Smoktech Rocket Mod Review

Smoktech Rocket VV Mod
The Smoktech Rocket Mod is one of the best VV/VW mods on the market and is famed for it’s unique design. This is one of the highly demanded models released by Smoktech and has gained popularity worldwide. The stainless steel device has great features and functions and this is what makes it such an attractive vaping product.


It has the best kind of variable voltage or the variable wattage mod that uses a centre ring instead of a menu system to adjust the output. The five voltage and wattage settings of the device is great for all types of vaping needs. The device is powered by an 18650 chargeable battery along with a unique way of adjusting the power settings and a magnetic switch that makes this product truly high end.

The five clicks of the Smoktech Rocket Mod will turn the switch on or off. You have to click the firing button three times when you want to switch between the voltage mod and the wattage mod. The white light will indicate that the mod is in voltage mod while the blue light will indicate that the mod is in wattage mode. The wheel rotates in its place and clicks in to the desired level. The adjustable voltage is from 3.6v to 6.0v and the wattage can be adjusted in between 6.0w and 15w. The output current is limited to 5A and there are mesh holes for safer usage of the product. When you spin the centre of the tube you can easily set the voltage or the wattage of the kit. You can also use the magnetic switch for better adjustments and the best kind of accurate adjustments.


The Smoktech Rocket Mod is one of the most popular kits by Smoktech and is made up of stainless steel which makes it resistant to corrosion. The device is durable and safe for anyone to use, and the battery power is good enough to run for a single day. The hollow design of the device allows users the best kind of vaping experience and has better air ventilation The smart locking system and the magnetic induction system are the best points about the product. Instead of the standard vent holes, the mesh holes are at the side of the unit, which has an added advantage to enables users to use the device safely. This high quality SMOK mod is simply great and at a reasonable price, which makes this one of the best mods on the market.

The Smoktech Rocket Mod will give you a new kind of experience in vaping and our user reviews and testimonials speak a lot about the popularity of this product. Smoktech have changed the game for vapers and the Rocket Mod’s features are the best available today.

We have it available on our store for £74.99, and if you want to take your vaping to the next level you should really give this a try. As always we welcome your feedback, so feel free to leave any comments about the Smoktech Rocket Mod in the box below.

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