SmokTech Omnitester Review

SmokTech Omnitester Review

If you are seeking a product that can help to measure the resistance of your cartomizers, atomizers and clearomizers then one of the best products on the market at the moment is the SmokTech Omnitester. There are various devices on the market that can measure the resistance of atomizers, but the SmokTech Omnitester is one of the best due to its outstanding efficiency and performance in the measurement of resistance.

The SmokTech Omnitester is used to measure the resistance of almost any rebuildable e-cigarette. It measures the resistance of the coils and cartomizers that are prebuilt in to the device as well as rebuildable devices that rely on the user knowing what the resistance is to be safe. It is also able to test the voltage output of the battery and it is most effective when testing a customized mechanical device. The mod in the Omnitester can be screwed into the mechanical device and can be powered to test the voltage that is then displayed on the screen.

The Omnitester will show the result as 1 when there is no flow of current from the battery to the tester. It is accurate in measuring +/-0.4% and it can measure from 0.1-9.9 units.

The integrated battery is available with the product and it can be recharged with the help of the micro USB cable is supplied with the package.


The tests that can be done with the SmokTech Omnitester are as follows:

  • Resistance measure
  • Voltage measure under load and no load stages
  • Voltage drop of Mechanical mods
  • The output voltage of the device which is set to the wattage under load and no load conditions

The SmokTech Omnitester is available in black or white colours and comes with a reasonable price of £17.99. When you want to check the resistance of the item then you need to screw it in the Omnitester and accordingly flip the switch to the suitable resistance settings. You can use a case to store and protect the parts. The Smok Tech Mod Kit Case is useful in protecting and storing the battery, charger and the spare parts very nicely. The case is available in a standard size that can hold the parts very well and keep your kit safe and tidy.

There are many vape accessories that can measure the resistance and the voltage of an e cigarette, but we found this is one of the most reliable products on the market. The user reviews and the customer feedback say that the SmokTech Omnitester is really effective in giving you the best results.

This type of item is really for advanced vapers who like to really get inside the workings of their e cig and have it working at the most optimal performance possible. If you are in to rebuilbale e cigs and mods then you are going to need a tester, and the SmokTech Omnitester does the job perfectly well. Give it a try, and don’t forget to leave us some feedback in the box below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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