SmokTech Magnet Bolt Mechanical Mod Review

SmokTech Magnet Bolt Mechanical Mod Review

This device is neither an electronic cigarette nor an e cig battery; it is between the two and is what we call a ‘mod’. It is a very beneficial addon for your kit because of its durable energy. It is an excellent mod and today we are going to break down exactly what you are getting.

What’s in the package?

1x SmokTech Magnet Bolt Mechanical Mod

The Mod is made of Aluminium that is anodized and possesses a switch that has magnetic properties. The surface has a shine that gives the device a sleek look and feel. It is made to use with flat top batteries but can also work with other types of unprotected batteries. Protected batteries are batteries that can be carried around and have safety electronics installed in them.

Some of the features of the SmokTech Magnet Bolt Mechanical Mod are:

The SmokTech Magnet Bolt is light in weight. This makes it highly portable. This is a feature that we personally like. Compared to other brands in the market, this Mod is much easier to carry. So light in fact it is easy to forget you have it.

The sheen finish is absolutely amazing. The device maintains a long lasting shine even when it has been in the hands continuously and won’t show up fingerprints like cheaper versions.

The outer ring can be removed. This makes it very easy to clean. It is impossible for dirt to hide in the corners of the device since once the ring is removed; there is easy access to the dirty surfaces and you can keep it clean and in tip top condition.

One thing with this device is that as it is a mod the batteries and charger need to be bought separately. This makes the device a bit cheaper since the manufacturer does not account for these two items. However, it is tricky because you have to look for the accessories that match. This is very difficult because there are different makes of the device and some might be knock offs especially if you do not intend to buy from the same place. Here at Smokshop this is not a problem as we have both the device and the accessories on our store.


The SmokTech Magnet Bolt Mechanical Mod has unique features that definitely make it stand out from other brands. The battery is able to hold charge for a long period of time and therefore requires no frequent charging. It’s length, width and weight make it more portable. The appearance is classy and chic.

Appearance: 8/10 sleek and very attractive… Minimal design

Batteries: Once added to this device 10/10 they store energy for a long time.

Adaptability: 9/10 can use both protected and unprotected batteries.

Is this a good purchase? We would say a resounding, Yes. This device stands out from many other mods out there and to it’s a must have for any serious e cig connoisseur.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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