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Smokshop Gets Salty

Smokshop Gets Salty

Nicotine salts. What even are they? Are they just a buzzword for the latest trend in vaping or are they a legitimate new advancement in vaping that is set to forever change the landscape of e-liquid.

Its no secret that almost every e-liquid you can buy has a ‘salt’ version of that liquid. But what does that even mean? Its pretty straightforward actually. Nicotine salts are a form of nicotine that more closely resembles the way nicotine occues naturally in the tobacco leaf. The salts are formed in the presence of acids, as opposed to the nicotine that is traditionally used in e-liquid which is alkaline based. The result this gives is that when it is added to you favourite e-liquids, or pre mixed at the manufacturing stage, you are able to get that strong hit of nicotine without any of the raspy throat hit that accompanies higher strengths of more traditional nicotine. In the industry we call traditional nicotine ‘Free base’. Nicotine salt shots can also be added to short fill bottles which means you get a nice smooth hit of nic, and whilst the strength wont be as high as you would find in a 10ml pre-mixed bottle, some people prefer a salt shot over a traditional one.

Not only have salts become insanely popular over the last few years, but the uptake of people vaping salts has changed the trends in kits and devices. Where it used to be that a tank and mod combination kit was the norm in vaping, the newer AIO (All-in-one) kits are coming through thick and fast. Every single major manufacturer has a line of AIO devices, or even pod based devices. The pod based devices don’t have a removeable coil and instead the entire pod is replaced when the coil inside reaches the end of its useable life. These smaller devices, with comparable battery lives to their larger counterparts, have adjustable power settings and high quality coils and are the perfect device for vaping nicotine salt based e-liquids. They strike a perfect balance of a tighter mouth-to-lung device, with the flavour and power of much cloudier devices, which on their own are too powerful to vape nicotine salts in.

We currently stock a plethora of different AIO devices from leading brands such as Smok, Aspire, Innokin and Geekvape. The Smok Nord and RPM series are market leaders with their most recent Nord 4 and Nord X devices. AIO kits that have a removable pod with a replaceable coil, meaning extreme ease of use, great flavour and powerful vape production. We at Smokshop decided that it wasn’t enough to just have great devices available, so taking the success of our 50/50 range we took some of the most popular flavours, added a couple of new ones and created the Smokshop range of salt e-liquids. UK premium made eliquid in five different flavours and two different strengths (10 and 20mg). So now you really can get great tasting salt based e-liquid at a price you actually want to pay without sacrificing the flavour you’re looking for.

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