Smok Tech Leader HBC Glassomizer Review

Smok Tech Leader HBC Glassomizer Review

Smoktech Leader HBC

Smok Tech is well known within the e-cigarette industry as a brand known for provision of quality products for the modern smoker. Their recent release to the market, the SmokTech Leader HBC Glassomizer is a tank which is stylish and available in various colours. HBC stands for hollow bottom coil and this has a Pyrex tank which prevents the damaging of e-liquids. The huge tank has a capacity of 6 ml and it makes use of the more popular bottom coil technology.

Main Features

  • Easy to use
  • Huge 6.0ml tank capacity with ability to see eliquid clearly
  • Pyrex tank stopping any e-liquid damage
  • 2.4Ohm atomizer installed
  • Uses SmokTech bottom coil atomizer heads
  • 510 connection
  • Great all round glassomizer

The glassomizer itself is very simple to use and this is one important feature that many users appreciate. It could seem complex to beginners at a first glance, but really is easy to set up and most new users seem to manage quite well. The good thing about glassomizers is that you can see the e liquid quite clearly through the tank, so you are not guessing on the levels of your e liquid. This is one of the reasons why lately glassomizers are outstripping cartomizers on popularity and sales.

The design of the Smok Tech Leader HBC is very nice and the colour varieties are useful for those vapers who like to stand out. It comes in a range of vibrant colours including pink and red, but also has black and silver for the more conservative vaper.

The Pyrex glass ensures no leaking or burning and this means more enjoyment and less chance of wasting your money through accidental spillages. The glassomizer is also very affordable for all its features going for a price of about £7.99 (whilst stocks last and subject to availability) on our website.

The good thing about Smok Tech is that all of their products are made of quality materials that ensure extra added safety for the user The Smok Tech Leader HBC is resistant to erosion and it can stand any level of liquid acidity. It is long lasting and well worth the relatively low price. It releases a vapour that is flavourful and provides a good solid all round vape.

If you are in the market for a new atomizer, then this glassomizer by Smok Tech would be an excellent choice. It’s a high quality product at a low price so you can’t go far wrong with it. Having a larger tank is also an added bonus for those that prefer to fill their e cig less often.

All in all we say it is an excellent buy, but as always feel free to leave us any comments or feedback you may have in the box below.

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