Sigelei 100W Plus

Sigelei 100W Plus

Sigelei 100w PlusA definite favourite among customers of our shop in Norwich is the Sigelei 100W Plus, which is one of the most advanced mods available on the market today. It is a dramatically improved version of the previous Sigelei, having incorporated most of the suggestions thought lacking and is currently in high demand. It is capable of an astounding vaping performance and has been noted to be extremely durable compared to some earlier models.

The New Look

The strong, new and improved look gives the device character, unlike the plain black box of its predecessor and the added engravings give it a sleek, elegant appeal. The sharp corners have been replaced by curves that help prevent any accidental scratches or injuries and give the box a real high end appearance. This new model also has a magnetic battery hatch, so that you no longer need a screwdriver every time change the battery, instead, the hatch is kept in place with magnets so all you need to do is give it a pull. Sigelei have put a lot of effort into durability, so even though the battery cover is magnetic, the strong magnets and will not result in wear, even over long periods of use. The removal of the screw holes have also given product a sleek, unblemished finish, which adds further to the more modern appearance of this latest design.


The 100W Plus comes with a new 510 pin. This updated pin is spring loaded, preventing the need for manual adjustments as was necessary in the previous version. While it is capable of an astounding 100 watts, most users have never felt the need to go beyond 40. The Sigelei 100W Plus provides a consistency in voltage, giving you the best vape experience from Sigelei yet. The product has the power to give you hours of wonderful vape time without any disturbance or reduction in power, almost entirely replacing the need for mechanical mods.

This latest product comes in two colours, a sleek black and a rich gold. Both the colours give it a high end appearance, making it a very desirable product for vapers that enjoy a touch of class. But Sigelei haven’t stopped there and have provided a free plain black silicone skin with the purchase, which is ideal for those who would like to hide the engravings or even for simply protecting the product.

The warranty does not cover discolouration, scratches and any disfiguration which is likely to occur from regular use, so the silicone skin is a very nice addition to this pack.

A Winner for 2015

Keeping all of these features in mind, it is no wonder this box mod has taken the market by storm and we see it as being a big seller in 2015. Sigelei have definitely left no stone unturned when designing this product and the original 100W model has definitely been far surpassed by the 100W Plus. It is a product capable of giving you a superior vaping experience and could well be a game changer for Sigelei. Built with massive improvements, it has already converted many chance users into loyal followers.

Widely regarded as the best model available today, this is a must buy, whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper.

We currently have it available at our Smokshop Norwich shop and may be adding it to our online inventory soon. As always if you have any feedback or comments feel free to add them in the box below.

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