Satisfy Your eGo

Satisfy Your eGo

Ego Battery

Any good E-cig aficionado will tell you that maintenance and respect for your product is the key to maintaining a good kit that will last and give you the best value for your money. This goes for all parts that make up your kit including your atomizer, E-liquid and most importantly your battery.

With eGo batteries being the most popular power source for e cigs on the market we thought we would write a post to make sure you get the best from yours. There are some simple things that can be done in order to maintain your battery and minimize damage to your eGo, which can greatly improve its life, meaning you save more money.

Ego batteries are effectively a disposable item but this does not mean that they can’t last you for months, or even more.



One of the key things for good battery maintenance is cleaning. Cleaning your battery can extend its life and help it to work at its optimal performance. You can clean your battery by using a cotton bud and a little alcohol based cleaning solution, or if you don’t have any cleaning solution you can clean your battery with just a dry cotton bud. Any type of cleaning is better than not cleaning your battery at all.

The main points on the battery that need cleaning are the threads and contact at the top of the battery. Simply rub the cotton bud over them a few times until they are clean. This will ensure a solid connection and minimal thread wear. Remember to clean the atomizer connection as well. Putting a dirty atomizer on a clean battery will not achieve a clean connection.


Another thing to take in to consideration when maintaining your eGo, is correctly charging your battery. There are several types of eGo battery, and each has a different charging method. Some are contact batteries, meaning they charge via magnetic connection in the base (this would also need to be cleaned). Then there are ‘pass-through’ batteries, which use a micro or mini USB connector in the base. These usually have a removable cap to protect the connection from damage and dirt, but it is still worth checking the connection from time to time to ensure it is clean and undamaged.

The most common type of eGo battery however, is the standard 510 charging eGo. This battery has the potential to cause the most damage when charging, as the charger connects via the same connection as your atomizer or cartomizer. Unfortunately this can increase the chance of thread wear if they are not cleaned correctly, and also has the possibility of depressing the contact inside the connection. If this happens then the centre plate would need to be raised to get the battery connecting correctly again. The easiest way to avoid this from happening is to take extra care when connecting your battery to the charger, and to stop screwing the battery in as soon as it makes contact. As soon as it starts charging then the battery is screwed in as far as it needs to be. Even if the battery feels as if it is only half way in, if the charger is charging, then that’s all it needs!

eGo Case!

The clue is in the name, and this is a vital step in increasing the life of your eGo, along with all of your other E-cig equipment. An eGo case is a simple protective case that stores your e cig while not in use, and is the perfect size for your pocket or handbag. Damage to your eGo from being knocked, dropped, rolled off tables, or sat on are the most common causes for batteries breaking or developing other issues. Having an eGo case will dramatically reduce the chances of this happening. We like to compare an eGo case to a packet of cigarettes. You would have never carry a single cigarette in your pocket and expect it not to break, and you shouldn’t ask your e cig to either. They also give you a place to carry e-liquid, chargers, atomizer heads and additional e cigs, keeping everything together and protected when on the move.


With a little effort these steps will help increase the life you can expect from your battery, and in turn save you money and keep you vaping for longer before new products need to be purchased. It just takes a little mindfulness in that your e cigarette is a highly technical product and needs to be treated as such. If you treat your e cig with the respect it deserves then it will last longer and vape better, and save you money along the way.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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