Proper Vapor E Liquid Review

Proper Vapor E Liquid Review

Proper Vapor Eliquid Norwich

As most vapers will know, the choice of E Liquid has never been greater at moment and there is a mind boggling number of E Liquid flavours and brands available. We try to stock as many of these brands and flavours as we can so that customers of Smokshop have the widest choice available for their vaping enjoyment. Today we are looking at another new brand that goes by the name of Proper. Proper Vapor, or Proper E Liquid are quite new to the market and have a limited presence online. We are one of the first to stock their flavours and so far they are receiving favourable reviews for their smooth and distinctive flavours.

Unlike many of the new E Liquid companies that have started, Proper have a very minimal marketing outlook, and choosing to let their flavours do the talking for them. The bottles they come in are very minimal with just colours distinguishing them from the other flavours. They only currently have four flavours and these are labelled as Black Label, Green Label, Red Label and Blue Label. There is no fancy talk of ancient wisdom or exotic flavours, just plain and simple E Liquid, which may actually suit the UK market better. But don’t let this fool you into thinking the flavours are boring, as they are far from it. Proper Vapor have their own unique style and flavours and with blends such as Tobacco and Custard, and Strawberry and Nutella, you can tell that Proper are having fun with their blends and producing flavours that are not only unique, but smooth and tasty as well.

Flavours by Proper Vapor

  • Black Label: A blend of tobacco enhanced with liquors, accompanied with sweet and creamy custards.
  • Blue Label: A brown sugar butter-cake, with a unique whipped topping and a side of ice cream.
  • Red Label: A strawberry and Nutella, cheesecake crepe.
  • Green Label: A sweet blend of twelve fruits and herbs.

If you like to sample different E Liquids as they hit the market then the flavours by Proper Vapor should definitely be given a try. The Blue Label with the brown sugar butter-cake offers a smooth, sweet vape that is hard to resist for vapers that have a sweet tooth. All in all we would say that Proper Vapors are one to watch in the E Liquid world. They may be low-key, but they have a way of letting their flavours do the talking for them, and we must say they have been a winner with us.

At present we only stock the proper range in our shop in Norwich, but we will be adding them to the website as and when we get the chance. If you would like to try the Proper range though and cannot get down to our shop, then feel free to contact us and we will see about getting some sent out to you.

As always if you have tried Proper Vapor E Liquids and have any comments or feedback, feel free to tell us about it via the box below.

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