Propaganda E Liquid Review

Propaganda E Liquid Review

Propaganda Eliquid NorwichRegular followers of our blog will know that for the past few months we have been looking at and reviewing our huge stock of e liquids. There are so many e liquid brands and manufacturers available right now that the choice for our customers has never been greater. In fact it can be hard to keep up sometimes with the sheer amount of new products and brands hitting the market. As our readers know, we like to test each and every new brand that hits the market and give our customers the chance to try out new e liquids as they become available. We have a huge selection to choose from but today we are looking specifically at Propaganda E Liquid from California in the United States.

The guys at Propaganda seem to be following the trend of gimmicky names and flavours that are popular in California at the moment. Their brand hails from conspiracy theories, the Illuminati and other types of propaganda that seem to be growing in popularity in the 21st century. With flavour names like Treason and Widow Maker the guys at Propaganda have a sense of humour that matches their brand name, but as we all know the most important part of any e liquid is the taste.

Flavours by Propaganda

  • Illuminati: A sweet blood orange, pineapple and strawberry flavour.
  • Widow Maker: A Bavarian cream with infused blueberries flavour.
  • Subliminal: A sweet and sour razzamatazz candy flavour.
  • Wild Fire: A toasted almond mezzaluna cookie flavour.
  • Treason: A sweet lemon pudding topped with whipped cream flavour.

As you can tell by their descriptions Propaganda have gone for the sweet dessert type flavours that are popular at the moment. The Wild Fire e liquid is getting particularly good reviews with many citing it as their favourite offering by Propaganda. It has a nice full flavour with hints of almond and vanilla and a cookie after taste. We have tried all of the flavours by Propaganda and each of them have their own unique and distinct taste and on the whole are very well balanced and full of flavour. If you are a fan of sweet e liquids then it is definitely worth giving these guys a try.

Propaganda are relatively new to the market and time will tell if they can stand the pace in this ever increasing market. Their flavours have hit the spot with us and our customers are enjoying it, but it is difficult for any e liquid brand at the moment to stand out among the competition, because there is simply so much choice for the consumer. This is a great time to be a vaper and it is always worth trying out new brands and flavours because you might just hit upon your dream vape.

We presently stock all the Propaganda flavours in our Norwich store and will add them to the website when we get the chance. If you can not get down to our store in Norwich though feel free to contact us and we will see if we can get some sent out to you.


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