Pioneer For You IPV2X

Pioneer For You IPV2X

The Pioneer for You IPV2X is one of the most sought after box mods on the market at the moment. The product comes with many new features and is an advanced mod that both beginners and experienced vapers will enjoy using. Other devices can have restrictions when it comes to the voltage/wattage adjustments, but with the Pioneer for You IPV2X is a variable voltage mod that allows you to make adjustments up to 60 watts. In addition, the device has the ability to detect the resistance of a loaded atomizer that is on the device to the voltage that is in line with the wattage that feels appropriate for you. While using the device, as you make an increase to the wattage, the voltage will also increase relative to the change.

The device makes use of an 18650 battery that needs to be screwed into place but, is very easy to fit and work with. To fit the battery all you have to do is to unscrew the two screws that are hexagonally shaped. The screws are found on the back panel of the device. Simply remove the back panel in order to insert the battery into the designed slot.


The IPV2X is different from its previous versions. It has a memory setting that allows the user to do some optional resetting on the saved wattage levels. Its inner shell, unlike the others that have two screws, is secured with four screws making it much more robust and secure. The device also has a strap that makes the removal of its battery easier that its predecessors.

The IPV2X has a number of useful features. Among them, includes a variable wattage that ranges from 7-60 watts, so you can make adjustments accordingly. Its voltage lies between 3.6 and 8.5v in terms of output and again can be adjusted easily. You can make changes, as you feel necessary according to the type of vape you prefer. The devices are designed such that their wattage lies within 16 amps for the minimum wattage and a maximum of 20 amps. The 0.2 to 0.3 ohms range makes them more distinct and accurate than other devices.

The Pioneer for You IPV2X also has an OLED display and a robust, lightweight aluminium body. It is easy to charge the IPV2X , as it has a built in USB type port for a versatile means of charging the battery. For protection purposes, the gadget has a 100x50x22mm vented battery case.

In summary the Pioneer for You IPV2X is a fantastic little vaping mod that has many features, including variable voltage and the vented casing among others. The device is best suited for advanced vapers that have a good understanding of batteries and knowledge of coil building, as well as resistance. But for ambitious beginners it is a great device to take the step of vaping up to the next level.

We currently only have the Pioneer for You IPV2X available in our shops, and not on our website. But we may in the future add it to our online inventory. If you would like to purchase this product feel free to give us a call, or send us an email and we will see if we can get one out to you.

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