Nova E Liquid Review

Nova E Liquid Review

Nova Eliquid Range

As mentioned before on, E liquid is the life blood of electronic cigarettes. It is an extremely personal thing and there is a huge range of brands and flavours to choose from which can make it quite daunting for the beginner. One of the most popular flavours for beginners is Tobacco, which is the flavour that cigarette smokers are most familiar with. Almost as popular as Tobacco is Menthol, which provides a cooler, fresher taste, but beyond Tobacco and Menthol though there are a plethora of flavours that reach as far as the mind can imagine. There are many E liquid companies that cater for different flavours from the traditional, to the quirky, to the exotic and outrageous, but one E liquid company that has come into the market purely from a health perspective is Nova E Liquid.

Nova E Liquid pride themselves on their 100% alcohol free e liquid and claim to use only premium natural FDA and FEMA approved flavourings made in France.

We have stocked Nova on our website for quite some time now and they seem tohave very popular range with our customers. Nova are a huge company in the e liquid world and produce over 20 million bottles of e liquid per year. They are based in France, who have a rich tradition in perfume, and so place a lot of emphasis on the fragrance and flavour of their e liquids.

The flavours produced by Nova are not experimental concoctions, but simple, to the point flavours, and they have a huge range to choose from. Flavours like Arctic Mint are very popular with fans of a menthol flavoured vape, and Blueberry provides a nice sweet flavour for vapers that prefer a more fruity taste.

Other Flavours Include:

Nova Apple – A crisp and fresh juicy red apple flavour that will leave your mouth watering.
Nova Apricot – A sweet and juicy apricot flavour with subtle floral after tones. 
Nova Arctic Mint – A strong and cooling menthol e-liquid with a flavour similar to glacier mints. 
Nova Blueberry – A rich and punchy blueberry flavoured e-liquid. 
Nova Blond – A smooth and mild tobacco flavoured e-liquid with a slightly sweet honey aftertaste. 
Nova Bubblegum – A sweet bubblegum flavoured e-liquid that will satisfy your sweet tooth. 
Nova Burley – The flavour of a dark and strong tobacco e-liquid. 
Nova Cherry – A sweet and well balanced cherry flavoured e-liquid. 
Nova Chocolate – Indulge your sweet tooth as much as you like with this sweet chocolate flavour.

    And the list goes on. Nova literally have hundreds of different flavours to choose from, and we currently stock 27 of the most popular flavours on our website. At Smokshop we are huge fans of e liquid flavours, so you can rest assured that we are constantly trying out new flavours for ourselves, and as we find good ones we will add them to our store.

    Our favourite of the Nova range so far has to be the Arctic Mint. This is a cool, clean flavour that has no bells and whistles but keeps true to the tradition of menthol cigarettes. Their Virginia E Liquid also has a very traditional taste and is an excellent choice for those that prefer their e cigs to taste like tobacco.

    If you are looking for an e liquid manufacturer with a real pedigree and emphasis on quality, then Nova are an excellent choice. As always if you have any comments or feedback regarding Nova products we would love to hear them. Simply drop us a line in the comments box below.

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