Mystique Vapor Review

Mystique Vapor Review

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So, you have your e cig set up exactly how you want it. You have your atomiser and variable voltage mod and you have your setup perfect for the type of vape you prefer. What comes next? In a word it’s E Liquid. The type of e liquid you choose makes a huge difference to the flavour of your vape. There are literally thousands of different flavours and styles of e liquid to choose from and today we are looking at Mystique Vapor.

Mystique has been developed by the same imaginative team that brought us Space Jam. They have chosen to go with a stylish brand and packaging that displays the kind of ethos they want to portray with their new line. The design is dark and mysterious and conjures images of a forgotten time and place in the deepest history of mankind. It’s a very clever move by the company and they are producing e liquids that are reminiscent of perfumes and aftershave and all of the individuality and sense of style that go along with those products. But what does it taste like?

With Mystique you can expect the unique take on flavours that Space Jam has been providing for the past few years. Flavours like Cronos (candy) and Oceanus (menthol) and Asteria (complex fruit) even sound like aftershaves. Like all e liquids you really need to try them for yourself if you want to find out if they suit your particular style of vaping.

Oceanus for example is labelled as menthol, but really tastes more minty than menthol. It’s a very cool, smooth flavour that fans of menthol will like, but it has not got that coolness we associate with menthol. It has a very nice taste that has proved very popular in our Smokshop Norwich shop.


Other flavours include Hyperion, which is a tobacco flavour for vapers that prefer the tobacco taste that they used to get from smoking cigarettes. It has a kind of sweetness to the taste which makes it a very enjoyable experience and it has a full bodied, rather nutty taste about it.

The full range of flavours from Mystique include:

  • Asteria (Complex fruit)
  • Cronos (Complex candy)
  • Hyperion (Complex tobacco)
  • Oceanus (Complex menthol)
  • Prometheus (Complex dessert)

Mystique are quite new to the e liquid scene but you have to admire their style. There is no doubt that they enthuse their e liquids with a much passion as their Space Jam and are real aficionados, and perhaps pioneers in the e liquid world. If you like your e liquid then you must branch out and try new flavours because the market is moving along at a rapid pace. If you want something with a little style and a pure passion of flavour then you really should try out the Mystique range.

We currently do not stock the Mystique e liquids on our online store, but we do have a range in our shop in Norwich, so if you would like to give it a try, feel free to contact us.

As always we value your feedback, so if you have any comments or experience with Mystique Vapors feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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