Menthol Flavoured E Liquid Review

Menthol Flavoured E Liquid Review


Menthol E Liquid

Many people realise when they switch to using an e cigarette that the tobacco flavour they are used to smoking with regular cigarettes is tolerated simply because of the craving for nicotine that accompanies it. The tobacco flavour comes with the nicotine. After switching to vaping, or using an electronic cigarette, users are more happy to move away from the tobacco taste, and most will settle upon a menthol e liquid flavour. While fruit and other flavours are available, most will opt for the cool, mint taste of menthol., and it is the biggest selling e liquid flavour on our store.


Our Menthol flavoured e liquid is made by Hangsen and is regarded as one of the best menthol e liquids in our product range. It offers a cool taste similar to mint as you vape on your e-cig. If you buy a menthol flavour with, for example, 18mg of nicotine, the menthol flavour delivers a satisfying ‘hit’ to the back of your throat – an effect many smokers look for in an e-cigarette. As you reduce the nicotine strength down to 12mg or 10mg, you still get this experience. This is a great bonus, as many fruit flavours do not offer this throat hit with lower quantities of nicotine. Some of the menthol flavours can be quite strong, and many choose to have a weaker menthol e liquid flavour when vaping during the day.

Most people will start by trying a standard menthol flavour when using their new electronic cigarette for the first time. This menthol e liquid is the most similar in taste to a regular menthol cigarette, and will still offer you the satisfaction of a hit at the back of your throat. People then generally vary their nicotine strength to suit their taste.

For many reasons our menthol e liquid is an extremely popular flavour amongst people with some vaping experience. It offers an ice-cool taste, and of course, delivers the throat hit people crave, even with weaker strength liquids. It has a strong, pleasing mint taste, ensuring you don’t smell of anything but mint after using it. Many people tend to have two menthol flavours, one standard and one a little stronger. This means they can switch liquids, depending on how they feel.


Our Menthol e liquid is available in 0mg, 6mg, 11mg, 18mg, 24mg nicotine strengths.

Judging by their popularity compared to some of the more exotic flavours of liquids available, menthol reigns supreme. While it may be nice to use fruit flavours, many people do this for the novelty value, and will ultimately choose one or two menthol flavours as the only choice of liquid they use. With their cool, icy taste and satisfying throat hit menthol e liquid is the market leader for serious users of e cigarettes.


Other Popular Menthol E Liquids

Strawberry Menthol E Liquid

Strawberry Menthol E Liquid

Fancy a fruity strawberry flavour? We have a strawberry flavoured e liquid available on our store that is quite popular. It adds a fruity twist to the menthol flavour and is a nice touch if you fancy a change. Click here to see it on our store.

Minty Gum Flavoured E Liquid

Minty Gum Flavour E liquid

Another twist we have on the traditional E liquid flavour is Minty Gum E Liquid. This offers a cool flavour reminiscent of chewing gum. If you like menthol then you should like this minty gum menthol flavour. Again it’s worth checking out if you are in to your menthols. See it on our store here.

We here at Smokshop are big fans of menthol flavoured e liquid, but are you? As always if you have any comments or feedback feel free to let us know in the box below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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