Mechanical Mods

Mechanical Mods

mechanical mod

After breaking down ‘variable voltage’ and ‘variable wattage’ mods in a previous blog, we have decided to dedicate an entire post to different forms of mechanical mods, as it is long overdue.

We have a wide range of mechanical mods to choose from here at SmokShop. What are they, why are they different and what are the benefits of a mechanical mod? We will do our best to answer that in this post.

What Are Mechanical Mods?

A mechanical mod is, as the name suggests a mechanically operated mod. This effectively means that there is no PCB or chipset used in the mod to increase, or decrease the power. This means that the user experiences the full power the battery emits at all times. There is also what is known as “full mechanical mods”. These are the same as a mechanical mods but also have no wires, or in fact any electronics at all. The mod consists of direct metal contacts to the battery, which provides less of a voltage drop and a more consistent power, making them fully mechanical. All of the mechanical mods here at SmokShop are fully mechanical with ‘metal to battery’ contact, which we believe is far superior to mechanical mods that use wired switches or connections.

The Advantages of a Full Mechanical Mod

There are many advantages of using a full mechanical mod over other types of device, such as:

Battery Life

Extended battery life is a big attraction in a mechanical mod. There is no chipset to increase the voltage and drain the battery and there are no lights and screen to power. The only thing drawing power from the battery is the atomizer, so this reduction in resources can greatly increase the battery life.

Using an Aspire Nautilus mini on a VV/VW mod at 4.4 volts is likely to decrease the amount of time that the battery will last by up to as much as 40%. This means that you are nearly halving the life of each battery and doubling the amount of charges that you will need to do.


A key factor for many mechanical mod owners is that because a truly mechanical mod is effectively only a metal tube with a connection at one end and a switch at the other, there is very little that can be broken or go wrong with the device. While VV/VW mods are susceptible to water damage, hard knocks, potentially damaged wiring and a cheaper feel (due to the complicated technology that is contained within the device), mechanical mods have been known to survive various traumas such as being dropped from heights, accidentally being put into washing machines, dropped in baths and much more, with nothing more than a minor scratch, if any damage at all. This is a huge advantage for many people and makes a mechanical mod their mod of choice

Look & Feel

Mechanical mods tend to be constructed from stainless steel or brass, making them feel weightier and giving them a great looking machined finish. A switch and locking ring is most commonly added at the bottom of the mod, which means there is very little that stops the manufacturers from spending more time designing a more aesthetically pleasing mod. The metal construction of mechanical mods also provides a solid, sturdy and quality feel to the user that you don’t always get from a variable device. This also makes mechanical mods a favourite for many.


Another great feature of a mechanical mod is that you have total control. This means that you can customise your vaping experience by using a buildable atomizer and changing the resistance of the installed coil. This gives you complete control over your e cig and a vape tailored to your preference. This has a disadvantage though, because there is no chipset or PCB in the device you have no protection against a short, or a battery cut off. For this reason we always recommend using the Smoktech magnet 7A reusable safety fuse, to ensure safety. As a part of having complete control of a mechanical mod you also have the option to make it a variable device by installing a “The Kick” from SmokTech (VW drop in module), which gives you the best of both worlds.


Due to the simplistic design of a mechanical mod they tend to be smaller than a VV/VW mod that uses the same battery. This is an advantage as many people like to have the smallest set up possible, and in some cases mechanical mods can be more than 30mm smaller than other mods utilizing the same battery.

We believe that mechanical mods are one of the best things on the market because of the many advantages they provide the user and at a great price.

Please feel free to check out our mechanical mod range here.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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