Looking After Your E Cigarette Kit

Looking After Your E Cigarette Kit

Here at Smokshop.com we sometimes get complaints about various components of an e cigarette kit that have stopped working, or are faulty after a few weeks or months. Usually when we look deeper into this we discover it is because it has’t been looked after in the correct way. E cigarettes are highly technical products and are not as robust as we would like to think. They need to be treated with as much care and attention as any other piece of technology and if you want them to last you need to look after them carefully. Here are some tips on looking after your kit and getting as much longevity as possible from your electronic cigarette.


The battery of your e cigarette is a vital component and should be handled with care. You should always keep your battery clean and ensure that any e liquid that leaks from your atomizer on to your battery is cleaned. Every now and then its a good idea to give the connections a good clean with a cotton bud and some alcohol. If you do get a leak then clean it immediately. Any dirt on the battery connection can affect the way it works and may even cause it to short out. You should ideally be cleaning your battery heads at least every two weeks or whenever you notice a build up of dirt. If you notice it isn’t holding its charge like it used to then it may be because it needs cleaning. Also don’t forget to clean the charger connections as well.

Over tightening:  Try not to over tighten your battery when you are fixing it to the atomizer or charger. If you over tighten the battery you can bend the pins or connections which could cause a fault. You should tighten it just enough so it gets a good connection. Any less or more is increasing the chances of damage.

Dropping: Another common fault we have seen is when users drop their e cigarette. An electronic cigarette is quite a fragile product and if dropped it can cause considerable damage. Accidents happen, but if you drop your e cig and it stops working correctly, then it isn’t the e cigs fault. It just doesn’t like being dropped!

Charging: Don’t over charge your battery. All chargers will have a light to indicate when it is fully charged. This is the time when you need to disconnect it from the charger as over charging can reduce the life of your battery. Most chargers are equipped with safety features to stop overcharging, but it’s best practice to remove your battery from the charger as soon as it completes it’s cycle.


There are many types of atomizers on the market and they should all be handled with care. Most are quite delicate, so if they are dropped or mishandled in any way they are liable to break. If you have a broken atomizer it can cause e liquid to leak on to your battery causing even more damage. So if you have dropped your atomizer and it is leaking, throw it away.

Priming: When you have a new atomizer you should prime it properly before use. You should fill your atomizer with e liquid and let it rest for a while to allow the material to fully absorb. Vaping too early can cause the wick to burn and you will not get the full flavour from it or worse ruin then coil completely.

Over filling: Never over fill your atomizer. You should always leave a gap at the top. If you over fill it can cause gurgling and leakages, which may have an impact on your battery.

Again, handle atomizers with care as they can be liable to break easily.

If you look after your electronic cigarette and treat it with the proper respect it deserves then it should work exactly as the manufacturer describes. If there is a fault then it will appear when you first try vaping on it. A considerable amount of faults that occur later in its life are due to user error. Either mishandling, overfilling, over charging, dropping or not priming correctly.

Remember an electronic cigarette is a highly technical, delicate and fragile product and won’t withstand accidents and misuse. Look after your e cig by cleaning regularly and handling with care, and it will look after you!

If you have any comments or feedback regarding electronic cigarette maintenance, we would love to hear it. Simply drop us a line in the box below.

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