Kilo E Liquids Review

Kilo E Liquids Review

Kilo E-Liquid Norwich

As we all know electronic cigarettes are gaining in popularity at an unprecedented rate. Every day new products are being launched to make the vaping experience better for all types of vapers, whatever your preference. One of the areas in vaping that is moving particularly quick is the e liquid market. E liquid is the flavour of your e cigarette and depending on your preference you can get e liquid to make your vape smooth, throaty, sweet or tobacco like. In the UK one of the most popular e liquids is the traditional tobacco flavour, but it is followed closely by more menthol and minty flavours. In America they are tending to lean towards sweeter flavours, and the sky really is the limit on the number of different blends and flavours that can be added to e liquid, so that the diversity and range in flavours is higher than we have ever seen.

Today we are looking at another newcomer to the market which is Kilo E liquids. Kilo are still a brand new company in the e liquid world and at the time of writing this article their website is still under construction. But as fans of Smokshop will know, we always like to be the first to get new products and provide our customers with the widest range possible.

Kilo currently only have three flavours of e liquid available and each one of them is unique to Kilo. They are currently experimenting with sweet flavours, so if you like a sweetness to your vape it is well worthy giving their range a try.

Flavours include:

  • Cereal Milk : The perfect blend of fruity cereal and milky cream. This nostalgic flavour is reminiscent of the milk after you’ve finished a bowl of your favourite cereal.
  • Dewberry Cream: an exquisite honeydew cream flavour with light hints of mixed berry that is every bit as delicious as it is smooth and strikes the perfect balance between fruity and creamy.
  • Tru Blue: reminiscent of perfectly sweetened blueberry custard, with a balanced creamy-to-fruity ratio that allows for the nuances of both flavours to shine without being overpowering.

We think that Kilo, although a small company at the moment may be one to watch out for. With a flavour such as Cereal Milk it seems they really do like to push the boundaries of taste and give us something unexpected.

As with many of these new e liquid brands we stock them at our shops in Norwich and Cromer. We simply don’t have the time to upload every new e liquid flavour on to our website. But if you do want to give Kilo a try then feel free to visit us in store and be amazed at the number and sheer diversity of products that we stock. If you can’t get down to the store then feel free to contact us and we’ll see if we can get some sent out to you.

As always if you have any experience with Kilo E Liquid and want to share your feedback or comments, then feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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