Kanger Subtank Nano and OCC Replacement Coils Review

Kanger Subtank Nano and OCC Replacement Coils Review

Kanger OCC Replacement Atomizer Coils

Kangertech are one of the biggest names in the electronic cigarette world, and have been providing fantastic e cig products since 2007, making them one of the oldest e cigarette companies in the world. They are usually known for their excellent Evod starter kit range, but they are also leaders when it comes to atomisers and have a great range of tanks to suit all purposes. Today we are looking at the Kanger Subtank Nano along with its OCC replacement coils.

The Kanger Subtank Nano is the smallest tank in the Subtank range, and is a great little tank to really give your vape a poke. It is small and discreet and its clear, silver design gives it a real modern look. It contains a standard 510 connection and so is compatible with most batteries on the market and is an extremely well made piece of kit.

One of the clear advantages of the Subtank Nano is it has its own replaceable coils. This makes it a highly cost effective way of vaping because rather than replacing the entire tank, you can just replace the coils. The Kanger OCC replacement atomizer coils are designed to work especially for the Subtank Nano, and we sell them on our store in packs of five. This means the full pack will give you months of high end vaping at a very affordable price.

Cheaper tanks are all well and good for beginners, but as you get used to the vaping life you realise how important a solid, well designed atomizer can be. There are literally hundreds of options to choose from, and it is good to try as wide a selection as possible until you find the tank that is perfect for your style of vaping. If you have not tried the Kanger Subtank Nano yet then we highly recommend you give this little gem a try. It packs quite a punch for such a small tank and is built with durability in mind so that it will stand the test of time and the vigour of daily vaping.

The tank itself is deemed revolutionary by Kanger as it uses organic cotton coil (OCC) heads and makes use of authentic Japanese cotton as a wick, which gives it a stronger flavour and better all-round vape.

What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Subtank Nano tank
  • 1 x OCC/ Range 15-30w
  • 1 x Pyrex Tube
  • 2 x Seal rings
  • 1 x User manual

As mentioned previously the Subtank Nano is designed to work with OCC replacement atomizer coils. We also have these available and come in packs of 5, either as 1.2ohm or 0.5ohm. The tank is on sale for £22.99 and a pack of 5 coils will cost £13.99. This means for around £35 you will get months of solid, high end vaping for your e cigarette. As we all know it is well worth paying a little extra for the finer things in life, and the price of this tank is a bargain when we take into account the amount of pleasure that it gives, and keeps on giving.

As always we would love to hear your comments on the Kanger Subtank Nano. Simply drop us a line in the comments box below.

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