Kanger New VOCC, SOCC and TOCC Coils

Kanger New VOCC, SOCC and TOCC Coils

Kanger VOCC Coils

We love Kanger here at Smokshop.com, because they are always bringing us high quality and innovative products in an excellent, affordable price range. They changed the vaping landscape with their starter kits and now they are looking to do the same with their organic cotton coils.

Until recently most coils were generally made of silica fibre wick. Silica fibre wick coils work just fine and are the most common type of wick found in coils, but they are not the best. Some people complain about the lack of flavour and absorption that comes with a silica fibre wick and Kanger are looking to change this by bringing out their new VOCC, SOCC and TOCC coils.

Organic Cotton Coils

The VOCC, SOCCand TOCC coils developed by Kanger are made of Japanese organic cotton. Organic cotton has a huge advantage over silica fibre wick. It has a much better flavour due to its higher absorption rate. The quality of the coil in your tank is not to be underestimated, as essentially that is the thing that is providing your vapour. You can get away with a lower quality battery if you had to, but if you like flavour and quality in your vaping experience then it is the coil that will give you the most punch. Kanger have realised this and pulled out all of the stops by manufacturing high quality Japanese organic cotton coils, and if you haven’t tried them yet then we advise you to get your orders in right away.

Organic cotton can burn quicker than silica fibre so it is important that you ensure that the coil is fully soaked in liquid before you start vaping. Ideally you would let it soak for at least 30 seconds – 1 minute to get the full benefits out of the better quality cotton.

Our early reports say the difference in flavour that organic cotton offers over silica fibre is huge and from what we can see vapers will soon be switching to organic cotton coils in their droves.

There are three different types of organic cotton coils introduced by Kanger, the VOCC, SOCC and TOCC coils, and they are designed to be compatible with most Kanger tanks, such as: the Protank 3, the mini Protank 3, the mini Aerotank, the Aerotank, the Mega Aerotank, the EVOD 2 and the T3D.

These are brand new to the market and as we mentioned this could start a wave of all manufacturers changing to organic cotton. We all want the best flavour out of our e liquid and we all want to feel the best punch out of our e cigarettes, and organic cotton gives us the best of both. Keep your eyes peeled for the new VOCC, SOCC and TOCC Kanger coils on the Smokshop.com website.

As always we welcome your feedback here on the Smokshop blog. If you have any comments of experience with organic cotton or fibre wick and would like to give us some input we would love to hear it. Simply drop us a line in the box below.

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