Kanger Genitank Mega Review

Kanger Genitank Mega Review

Genitank Mega

The new Genitank series from Kanger is a real treat for e cigarette fans. The range consists of Mini, Regular, Mega and Giant varieties and today we are looking at the Genitank Mega. The Kanger Genitank Mega is somewhat similar to the Aerotank series in both function and appearance. It is the accumulation of the finest features of the Aero and Protank series and is an extremely well made piece of kit.

What ‘s in the box?

  • 1 x Pyrex glass tube
  • 1 x 510 drip tip
  • 1 x ego cone
  • 2 x dual coil atomiser heads
  • 1 x Kanger Genitank Mega

The Kanga Genitank Mega is a dual coil clearomiser/glassomiser that includes the same reinforced airflow control system that’s present in the whole Genitank series. It can hold up to 3.8ml of e-liquid meaning that the tank needs to be refilled less frequently than some of the smaller versions. It features an adaptable airflow controller and Pyrex glass tank, as well as a chrome-covered copper body. The built-in airflow controller allows you to adjust the clearomiser to your preferred draw. To decrease the airflow, you just turn the control valve located at the base of the tank in a clockwise direction. To increase airflow, turn the valve in the opposite direction.

This dual coil clearomiser has now been upgraded to the brand-new v2 coil head. Since the tank is metal based and dual coil, the sides and tip tend to be warmer compared to a normal single coil device. The Pyrex glass tube and stainless steel base make this clearomiser aesthetically appealing and durable. Since all parts can be removed and replaced without using glue, it is also easier to handle. Because it is a dual coil tank, it utilises more power than the standard ego battery is able to provide. As a result, you have to ensure that you buy the right ohm coils to run on the available battery or a powerful battery that can run dual coils.


It has an improved and adjustable airflow control.

Its sturdy, chrome-plated copper body makes it durable and attractive.

It’s not messy because no glue is required and all the parts are replaceable.

Has higher liquid capacity.

It is an extremely affordable e cigarette kit.

When using this clearomiser, it is advisable to let the tank rest for up to 5 minutes after refilling so that the liquid can be soaked up. After refilling, make sure that it is properly screwed on since it can loosen when the battery is being turned. All in all, this clearomiser is a smart choice for people working with a tight budget. It also saves on money in the long run because it’s inexpensive and has replaceable parts.

If you are looking for an electronic cigarette to start out with, or just looking to change your setup, the Kanger Genitank Mega tank would be an excellent choice. You just need to get yourself a battery and charger, and some e liquid and you are good to go.

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Author: Kevin Ewbank
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