Kanger EVOD Starter Kit Review

Kanger EVOD Starter Kit Review

Kanger Evod Starter Kit

As promised, we here at Smokshop are delivering reviews of our products to give you a good idea of what is what in our electronic cigarette inventory. One of the manufacturers that have impressed our customers the most is Kanger, and one of the most popular products in their range is the Kanger EVOD starter kit.

The Kanger EVOD starter kit comes with the following features exclusively designed for ease of use.


  • On and off button that can be pushed 5x quickly to turn the unit both on and off
  • White LED colour button
  • Output voltage of 3.7v
  • Comes with a USB charging cable and power adapter
  • 650 maH built in rechargeable battery

That is not all that awaits the purchaser of this premium device. User will also find that they can take advantage of:

  • 2 x EVOD 650 mah eGo batteries
  • 2 x Clearomizer tanks with pre installed coils
  • 5 pack of replacement coils

The Kanger EVOD starter kit also comes complete with a user manual, USB charging cable and wall adapter all neatly packed into a gift box.  

You can also choose different strength nicotine containing e-liquid as well as zero nicotine. These would include everything from 60 percent PG to 80 percent PG, and various flavour options. Nicotine strengths from 0mg to 24mg or strong is also available to purchase with this kit.

The great thing about the Kanger EVOD kit is that it gives you everything you need right out of the box. It is easy to set up and to use. It looks sleek and the performance is excellent. The batteries and tanks are set up to look seamless and perform efficiently with ease of use in mind.

The EVOD batteries and tanks are made to be used with each other but are compatible with nearly all tanks and batteries on our website.

One of the impressive features of this kit is the fact that you can use this product to customise your vaping experience. The kit has a professional and sleek look to it as the batteries and tanks are made to be used together.


Users have all the accessories they need when they choose to use the Kanger EVOD starter kit. All in all the Kanger starter pack is an impressive little item for users. It allows individuals to customise and enjoy their vaping experience, and is the perfect setup for beginners.

Looks: 9/10 excellent looking with a sleek design.

Power- 9/10 gives some kick, and the extra battery are a bonus.

Vapour/flavour- 9/10 it has great vapour volume providing a nice all round vape.

Usability – 10/10 made for beginners with a full set of instructions the EVOD kit is easy for first timers to use.

Other Popular Products From Kanger

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The Kanger Pro Tank is a very popular tank from the Kanger range. The Protank also comes in mini size for those that like a smaller e cig. Kanger are huge in the UK and are well known for the quality in their e cigarette products. We have the Kanger Protank on our store for £15.99, and it is truly an exceptional tank.

Kanger Aerotank v2

The Kanger Aerotank v2 is another highly popular product from Kanger. It is a tank for a real e cigarette connoisseur and well worth a look if you are a serious vaper. We have it for £21.95 on our store and it is a great little addition to any e cigarette kit.

Kanger Evod 2 Clearomizer Tank

Kanger Evod clearomizers are exceptionally well made and are a fantastic addition to an e cig kit. We have these available in a range of colours from £5.49 each.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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