Just for Starter’s: All You Need To Know About E Cigarette Starter Kit

Just for Starter’s: All You Need To Know About E Cigarette Starter Kits

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The world of electronic cigarettes is certainly a complicated one, especially if you are a beginner, or new to the market. This is why here at SmokShop we have selected a wide range of reliable e cig starter kits to cater for all needs, from beginner to advanced and everything in between. All of our starter kits come with everything you will need to start vaping; apart from you’re e-liquid. We prefer to give our customers complete control over which e-liquid flavour and nicotine strength they choose to start with.

Types of Starter Kit

There are three types of basic starter kit: novice, beginner and advanced starter. All three contain a different type of electronic cigarette and they are all priced differently, so we will try to break down the differences between them:

Novice Starter Kits

These kits are usually cigarette based designs, also known as “cigalikes”. These will include the Gamucci, E-Shisha and the Innokin AIO starter kits. There are many advantages to these devices and they are very popular with beginners. They generally have a small and compact design and are very easy to use, as they typically use a pre filled cartridge. They can either be refillable or completely disposable, and the fact that they look like cigarettes makes them extremely popular with people who are quitting or trying to quit smoking.

The disadvantages of these type of novice kits is that they typically have quite a short battery life, as most contain no higher than a 180mah capacity battery. Also they can be more expensive to run than other e-cigs, as the pre filled cartridges they use can empty fairly quickly if you are a heavy user. They are not as cost effective as buying e-liquid and using refilling a tank system.

Beginner Starter Kits

The beginner kits are typically a larger design and do not generally look like cigarettes. Although still relatively small and compact, most of these will use a tank system or a refillable cartomizer, and all require e-liquid to be added by the user. The e cigarettes in beginner kits are not supplied pre filled with e-liquid, but this means that the user has a much wider range of flavours and strengths to choose from.

Kits included in this category would be the Kanger EVOD kit, Smoktech Mini eGo Cartomizer kit, VIVI Nova Passthrough kit and the Innokin iTaste EP kit. We believe this to be the best style of kit for people to start out with as they have a very high success rate and are easy to use and maintain. They are also cheap to purchase with costs starting at under £20. Another advantage is the running costs of this style of e-cig. Light users can expect to spend just a few pound a week to run this type of set up, and even for heavy users the cost would be less than £10 a week on e-liquid and atomizers.

We find that because of the higher capacity batteries (usually a minimum of 650mah) and the fact that some of these kits include a spare battery; your e-cig running out of power while on the move is far less likely. This makes the chances of you buying cigarettes because your battery has died much lower, meaning you have a better chance of kicking the tobacco for good.

The disadvantages of these type of beginner kits is that they require a little more work, as many have replaceable atomizer heads that typically need changing every one to two weeks. Also, having to manually refill the e-liquid can make it more expensive, depending on which kit you choose to purchase.

Advanced Starter Kits

Advanced starter kits will usually have a variable voltage or variable wattage option as standard, meaning that the user can customise and tailor their vaping experience. They are available both with and without tanks, but like the beginner kits they will always need e-liquid added and do not come pre filled. Advanced kits include Innokin iTaste VV Kit V3.0, Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 Kit, SmokTech Dual Aro VV Kit and the Smoktech T Dux 2.0 VV Starter Kit. These kits are designed as a step up from the beginner kits, and for those that want to evolve their vaping experience and feel comfortable with the technology, and their abilities to use it effectively. Advantages of the advanced starter kits are very similar to the beginner starter kits with the added bonus that they usually come with replacement coil tanks and have variable voltage batteries, meaning that users can adjust their vaping to suite them. This helps to provide a better flavour, more vapour and a warmer or cooler vape depending on preference. As well as this the advanced kits tend to come with higher capacity batteries (700mah – 2600mah) meaning they can last days, not hours before needing to be recharged.

The disadvantages of advanced kits is that some may find the options they offer overwhelming, and there is a greater chance for starters to make errors in their set up. Depending on the voltage setting for example, this could cause atomizer heads to burn out and e-liquid to be wasted. Also, like the beginner kits most will use replacement coil systems, meaning more maintenance for the user. There is also more of a financial outlay with the advanced kits, as they are more expensive to buy. The general running costs may also increase depending on your preferred settings, as higher voltages use more e-liquid, battery power and atomizer heads.

Smokshop Starter Kits

Our starter kits section here at SmokShop is expertly tailored to offer several options in each of these categories to offer a wide variety, and to allow you to make an informed decision and buy the correct kit for you. There is a learning curve when you first start out vaping, and don’t forget we are always on hand to offer advice.

Please feel free to leave us a comment. Maybe you have a favourite kit you would like to tell us about, or you have some feedback on any of the kits we have mentioned in this post. Just drop us a line in the box below, as we would love to hear your views.

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