iTaste CLK 1280 VV Battery Review

iTaste CLK 1280 VV Battery Review

iTaste CLK 1280The iTaste CLK 1280 VV Battery is an electronic cigarette battery for the newest e-cig by Innokin. This battery is very different from the batteries of previous models. Its performance is better and it has a number of improved features that set it apart from other models. This particular type of battery gives you a chance to smoke while the battery is still charging. This is something that is not possible with other types of batteries used on e-cigs. It also has other amazing features that really change up your vaping experience.

One of the features of the iTaste CLK 1280 VV Battery is the fact that it has a rotational wheel that makes it possible to adjust the voltages. The increments that can be achieved using this rotational wheel include; 3.5, 3.8, 4.0, 4.3, 4.5, 4.8, 5.0. The rotational wheel makes it possible for you to increase the flavour. This is a unique feature that many e-cigarette batteries don’t have. It makes it possible for you to either reduce the flavour or increase it depending on your tastes and preferences. This is especially important when you are using a new e-liquid that you have not gotten used to.

This e-cig battery also has a pass through mode. This makes it possible for you to charge the e-cig as you vape without any interruptions. This is another feature that cannot be found in many e-cigarettes. With most e-cigarettes, you have to wait for the battery to be fully charged before you use it. This can be quite a pain, especially because some of these batteries run out of charge shortly after you start using them. Innokin seems to have noticed this problem and decided to solve it by incorporating this feature in this new product.

The battery is charged using a micro USB port that is located near the LED power button. This is very important because it makes it easy for you to recharge the battery, without having to deal with other gadgets. The micro USB port is also not too small. You can therefore use the USB you have available without having to worry too much about compatibility. Generally, this feature makes it very easy to use this e-cig battery since as are not so many technicalities involved. The USB charger is also provided when you get the e-cigarette.

The iTaste CLK 1280 VV Battery also has a long battery life which means you do not have to charge it over and over again like other e-cig batteries. The battery also has an atomizer protector that protects it from any kind of faulty atomizers, an over discharge protection that enables the cigarette to go off once the battery is discharged and an ON/OFF battery switch that is very important for safety reasons. This is because when the switch enables you to turn on the battery when you need to use it and turning it off prevents it from turning on while in your pocket.

All in all this is a very smart battery by a great manufacturer. At £27.99 the price isn’t cheap, but it’s true that you get what you pay for. The iTaste CLK 1280 VV Battery is a high end device, and if you are serious about your vaping you should definitely give it a try.

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