Introducing Hobo Joe’s E Liquid 120ml Bottles

Introducing Hobo Joe’s E Liquid 120ml Bottles

Introducing Hobo Joe’s E Liquid 120ml Bottles

Sometimes in life, you just want to go big.

Last week I introduced Flawless e liquid, and their monster 60ml bottles. This week I’m going even bigger and would like to introduce you to a new premium e liquid in a humongous 120ml bottle. Hobo Joe’s Juice.

Hobo Joe’s is a premium e liquid from the States, and their aim is to bring us premium juices at ‘hobo’ homeless prices. To achieve this, their going big, with 120ml bottles priced at £34.99. If you do the math on these monster bottles you’ll find it’s one of the cheapest juices on the market, at less than £3.50 for 12ml.  It’s a great concept, giving the poor man a chance of vaping, and we have their full range right here at

As with most new e juice brands, Hobo Joe’s have a relatively small range consisting of four great flavours. It’s a premium juice which is high in VG to produce a great flavour, and their price point offers unbelievable value.  We have each flavour available at £34.99, so if you’re on a budget, or simply want to try out a new premium juice, then Hobo Joe’s is currently where it’s at.

Flavours by Hobo Joe’s

So, we have four flavours available from Hobo Joe’s and it’ll be interesting to see how long it’ll be before they introduce any new flavours to their range. For now though we have some great offerings, and as I always say, the proof in the pudding is in the eating, or in our case, the vaping.

Hobo Joe’s Slop

Slop is a simple no nonsense fruit flavoured e juice. It’s a blend of berries ‘fresh from the farmer’s market’ and its fresh taste makes it a great juice for the summer, or simply, an smooth all day vape. It has a sweet flavour, but more tart sweet as opposed to candy sweet, and is an easy juice to vape. When you buy a bottle this big you want to make sure you’re not going to get sick of it. Fortunately, Hobo Joe’s Slop is easy on the palate, so you’ll be vaping happily for months.

Hobo Joe’s Crud

Crud is a dessert flavoured e juice and rated as the best in the Hobo Joe’s range. It’s a complex blend of cream, cake and exotic fruit. It’s a unique blend that has overtones of melon mixed with cake, and makes for an interesting vaping experience. This is one of those juices you either love or you hate. Hobe Joe says it’s their biggest seller so there obviously are a lot of vapers that like it. If you like melon and you like cake, then it’s worth giving it a shot.

Hobo Joe’s Sludge

Sludge is another sweet flavoured juice, this time though it’s a sweet tart candy. If you like sticky, sweet juices then you’ll love this candy flavoured e liquid. It’s high in VG and high in sugar, but the bonus is it’s zero calories and won’t rot your teeth!

Hobo Joe’s Grime

Grime is a delightful milkshake flavoured e juice. It’s thick, creamy and has a heady mix of strawberry just to top it off.  As strawberry milk shake flavours go this has to be right up there with the best. Hobo Joe has managed to get the perfect blend of creamy milk and strawberry to produce a very fine vape indeed. If you like strawberry milkshake, then you’re on to a winner with Hobo Joe’s Grime.

All in all, we say Hobo Joe has a pretty decent range of e liquids. The real bonus of course is the price. It might be a £34.99 outlay, but that’ll give you enough juice to be vaping for months to come. If you find a favourite all day vape among their collection, then you might have just struck vaping gold.  You can see the full range of Hobo Joe’s e liquid on our store here.

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