Innokin Itaste Carry Case Review

Innokin Itaste Carry Case Review

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Every responsible electronic cigarette owner should think about getting a carry case to keep all of their equipment safe and in one place. A good carry case can store your charger, battery and spares all securely in one place. They not only keep your vaping equipment safely together, but ensure your e-liquid bottle is kept safe and undamaged.

There are a wide range of carry cases to choose from and today we are looking at the Innokin Itaste Carry Case. The Innokin Itaste Carry Case is a perfectly made small carry case for storing your battery, charger, and/or spares. It is only 18 cm long, 7 cm wide and 4.5 cm deep and is a high quality carry case for the more refined vaper.

Made of selected materials, it comes in a very luxurious design with zipper opening. Maybe the only downside is that the Innokin Itaste Carry Case is currently only available in black. It will definitely be great to have more colour options since more colourful and customizable additions are always welcome, and it is always nice to have a good range to choose from.

When you first open it, you will find that there are side-by-side pockets inside the case. There are 3 pockets of net, each fastened by an elastic band. The elastic band is meant to secure whatever you store in the pocket and hold it in place. There is also another elastic band which can be used to hold a bottle of e-liquid.

With a design like that, you can hold up to two eGo batteries, two clearomizers, or one eGo and a bottle of e-liquid and your USB charger all securely in one place. It can accommodate enough places to store enough spares and batteries for quite a long travel and everything is just so organized that you do not have to worry about misplacing your spares or charger.

Personally we wouldn’t class a carry case as an accessory. It is really an essential item that is needed to protect your vaping equipment and keep it all safely together, and as carry cases go the Innokin Itaste Carry Case is one of the best. It is only £5.99 and could be the best buy of your entire set up.

That’s our take on it. As always if you have any comments or feedback on this carry case, or any other that you think is better. Drop us a line in the comments below.

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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