Hangsen E Liquid Review

Hangsen E Liquid Review

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We have been stocking Hangsen e liquids on our website for years now and thought it about time we take a look at it and offer a review. Hangsen are one of the biggest e cigarette related companies in the world and have been making e cig products since 2009. They are so big they are considered the worlds largest e liquid manufacturer and we stock almost a hundred different flavours, right here on our website.

The range of flavours offered by Hangsen are mind boggling, and you can find anything from tobacco and menthol, all the way down to caramel and cola. Whatever your taste Hangsen has a flavour and the prices are some of the cheapest you’ll find. But what is the quality like?

Hangsen – Taste Test

We had a look at four random flavours from the Hangsen collection to see how they measure up to other e liquids on our website.

RY4:RY4 is a sweet, tobacco caramel flavour and is great for vapers that like something sweet, but also like to stay faithful to the tobacco flavour of cigarettes. It comes in an 80/20 mix, so is quite a thin liquid. It offers a nice throat hit and you can taste the tobacco, but with a smooth caramel overtone. It has a lovely taste and is full of flavour. It definitely has a full sweet tobacco flavour and fans of tobacco vaping will like this blend. The 80pg gives it a strong flavour but not so much of a cloud. Some vapers like this, others may prefer a 60/40 or a 50/50, it really does depend on personal taste. But if you like sweet tobacco then RY4 is a great liquid to add to your setup.

Red Cola:Red Cola is for those with a sweet tooth and tastes just like cola, with maybe a hint of aniseed. It’s a great juice to take out when you’re having a drink or out on a night out. A lot of vapers like to mix their liquids and have different flavours for different occasions. If this is something you do then you should definitely add the red Cola to your collection, for something a little different.

Arctic Mint: One of the most popular flavours in the whole of the Hangsen collection is Arctic Mint. This is a cool menthol e liquid and has a real minty flavour. Menthol seems to be one of the most popular flavours for vapers across the board and there are many variations offered by different brands and manufacturers. We have to say though that Hangsen Arctic Mint is one of the best, and we usually have it on offer, so if you are a fan of menthol keep your eyes posted on the Smokshop.com website.

Blueberry: Another flavour we looked at was Blueberry. Many vapers prefer the fruit based e liquids, and Blueberry is quite a common flavour. The Blueberry offered by hangsen is a nice sweet, fruity flavour and you can definitely taste the blueberry. It’s not too sweet and has a real fresh taste to it, and we are sure fans of fruit based flavours, and blueberry in particular will love this offering from Hangsen.

There are far too many flavours by Hangsen to review them all. But you never know, if we have a quiet day at the office we may work our way through them. What we will say is the quality of Hangsen e liquids is superb and can stand against any of the e liquids on the market today. We find they always sell well on our website, and we usually offer promotions and sales, so if you haven’t tried and Hangsen flavours yet, there’s nothing stopping you. The beauty of e liquid bottles is they come as low as 10ml, so you don’t have to break the bank to test out new flavours. It’s always worth trying out a wide range of flavours because you never know when you’ll finder a keeper.

As always we welcome your feedback on our blog, so if you have any comments regarding Hangen e liquids feel free to drop us a line in the box below.


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