Guide to Rebuilding a Dripping Atomizer

Guide to Rebuilding a Dripping Atomizer

Welcome to SmokShops guide to rebuilding a Dripping atomizer, in this guide we will go over how to replace a wick and coil assembly in two different ways. The first is a traditional silica, and 0.2 kanthal standard coil build, and the second is a newer micro coil technique using 0.32 kanthal, and an organic cotton wick, both can be used in all dripping atomizers.

Traditional Standard Coil Build

For this build we are going to use 10cm (4 inches) of 0.2 (32 gauge) kanthal and 5cm (2 inches) of 3mm silica, although you can use a thicker or thinner wire to get a lower or higher resistance you can also use a different size silica if needed.

To start it is recommended we flame the kanthal using a lighter or blow torch to burn off any remaining machine oils, and to remove some of the tension in the wire that causes it to spring back when wrapping your coil, the silica can also be flamed, and is heat resistant up to 1400 Celsius.

Then we are going to start the coil process, this is done by folding the silica in half and pinching it with the kanthol under your thumb. 

Then wrap 4 coils evenly spaced on the silica until you end up with each coil leg facing the same way.

Then insert one leg through the positive and negative posts of your dripping atomizer and secure the post screws.

Remove any excess kanthal, make sure your coils are evenly spaced and trim your silica to size.

Check the resistance of you coil to ensure there are no shorts then prime with your choice of e-liquid.

Attach to your battery and enjoy a great tasting vape!

Micro Coil and Cotton Wick

This is a more complicated build for first timers, but the coil offers a greater life span, improved flavour, and vapour. These type of coils can be more reliable that your traditional standard coil.

For this build we are going to use 15cm (6 inches) of kanthal and a small piece of an organic cotton ball, along with some tweezers and a 2mm rod/drill bit.

To start with as before we are going to flame the kanthal in order to remove any machine oils remaining on the wire, and remove the tension from the wire making wrapping the coil easier.

Once you have torched the kanthal place a 2mm rod between your thumb and index finger. In a similar way to our standard coil build we start by wrapping the wire round the rod, but in the micro coil you leave no space between the coils. The aim with this build is to have them touching from the start of the coil to the finish of the coil, and we are aiming for between 10-12 wraps then pull the legs tight in order to pull any looser coils in tighter.

Then we insert the coil into the atomizer with the rod still in place to secure the coil and make sure it does not become warped out of shape (if your atomizer is attached to a mod/battery please ensure it is switched of so it can not be fired)

We then remove the rod/drill bit, leaving the coil in place and apply power to the coil using the tweezers to pinch the coil between powering to get an even glow from the centre of the coil out to the edges.


Then we are going to make a small sausage from the cotton. Make sure it’s thinner from one end and getting increasingly thicker throughout the length, then slide the cotton wick into the coil whilst carefully twisting to get a semi snug fit.

All that’s now left to do is to trim any excess cotton and apply e-liquid to prime the wick. Make sure it’s producing plenty of clear vapour and then enjoy!

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