GQ Vape Review

GQ Vape Review

GQ Vape E-Liquid Norwich

It’s that time again when we look at another e liquid brand to review. We’ve looked at a lot of e liquids here on the Smokshop blog, and today we are going to be looking at GQ Vape.

GQ Vape are a relative newcomer to the world of e liquid and hail from Los Angeles, California. They have a funky logo and cool packaging and we are currently stocking all of their flavours here at Smokshop.

Flavours by GQ Vape

GQ Vape currently have 8 flavours to choose from.

Caviar – Frappuccino: a hint of sweetness and a Frappuccino base, topped off with hints of caramel and whip cream.

Eclipse – Kiwi: a refreshing kiwi-tropical berries mix.

Empire – “fruit loops”: a fruity, sweet flavour.

G6 – Orange Tic Tac: a zesty and sweet orange tic tac.

High Roller – Pineapple: a refreshing pineapple taste similar to spending a summer day at the beach.

Pearl – Mango/Papaya Blend: True passion is intoxicating and invigorating, with this blend of mango with hints of papaya and other fruits.

Royal Flush – Icy Exotic Melon: An exotic melon blend that has a subtle icy sweet flavour that really refreshes your taste buds.

Sin City – Watermelon Apple: Reminisce on those childhood memories with this Apple-Watermelon Jolly Rancher flavour e-juice.

The packaging looks great, the name is cool, but as always the most important thing about e liquid is its taste. We put some of the flavours through their paces to see what they taste like.

Royal Flush: is an icy exotic melon. It tastes like melon, the fruit not the sweet, and has a fresh, clean flavour. It has a strong flavour of melon, so if you like melon in your vape you will love this blend. It has a good amount of cloud to the vape and a nice hit and is an all-round nice e liquid for melon lovers.

Pearl: is a tropical flavour and you can really taste the mango and papaya. Again it has a nice cloud to it and a rich flavour. The mango comes through on this stronger than anything else, but there is a definite overtone of papaya. If you like your tropical fruits you’ll love this flavour.

Eclipse: is a kiwi flavour. It has a real heavy kiwi taste. Kiwi seems to be a fruit that mixes well with nicotine and this flavour is really nice, if you like kiwi. It seems to have an overtone of pineapple but the main flavour here is kiwi. So if you like kiwi then this is definitely a brand you should try.

High Roller: is a pineapple, strawberry and peach flavour. The pineapple really comes through and the peach, with a hint of strawberry overtone. It’s a real fruity mix with a nice taste. It isn’t our favourite of the collection but is a nice vape if you like a fruity mix. But there isn’t any one flavour that comes through prominently. The pineapple is the most prominent but the strawberry and peach are also there. It’s quite a mixed flavour, but if you like your fruit mixes you’ll like this blend.

Sin City: is a watermelon, apple flavour. It has a really fresh taste and you can taste the zing of the apple and the sweet watermelon. The watermelon is really sweet and soft and is a great flavour for those that like sweet watermelon. As watermelon liquids go this is one of the best on the market.

Caviar: is a coffee flavoured “Frappuccino” e liquid. It has a hint of sweetness and maybe caramel. As coffee vapes go this is one of the best. It has a coffee aftertaste with overtones of sweet caramel or vanilla. Coffee flavoured e liquid is one of those blends that you either love of hate. If you like coffee e liquid you will enjoy this vape very much. It has a strong coffee flavour and tastes exactly like a sweet Frappuccino.

All in all we would say GQ are doing a good job with their blends. They have realistic flavours that provide a nice, clean vape. If you like the fruits and coffee type e liquids then GQ have really hit the nail on their head, so you will love this brand.

As always we love to hear your opinions on all of the products we sell. So if you have any thoughts/comments on GQ Vape then feel free to drop us a line in the box below.

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