Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit Review

Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit Review

Gamucci are a huge name in the electronic cigarette world and the Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit is one of the best electronic cigarette kits in cigalike form that you can find on the market. The kit is designed for people who are looking for a rechargeable kit that has a nice performance, is simple to use and is a convenient size.

What is in the box?

  • 1 x Pack of cartomizers + 1 cartomizer free
  • 2 x Hi-power rechargeable batteries
  • 1 x UK Adapter
  • 1 x EU Adapter
  • 1 x USB charger mains power adapter
  • 1 x Carry case
  • 1 x User’s manual

Features of the Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit

The Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit is an improved version of the previous Gamucci electronic cigarette kit. The kit has a better battery as compared to its predecessor. This means that it lasts longer and produces more puffs per charge. As a result the battery can produce up to an of average 375 puffs before it needs recharging. The Gamucci kit gives an improved vaping experience because it is worth two packs of cigarette for each cartomizer. This kit has everything that a beginner to e cigs would need in order to make the switch from tobacco to vaping. The Gamucci e cigarette can be immediately used at the batteries are always pre-charged and ready for use.

The Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit has four cartomizers and two batteries. It has a dual UK and EU plugs, a USB charger and a user manual that is placed in a carry case. This kit maintains an element of style because of its simplicity. The batteries in this pack come with a capacity of around 250mAH. However, battery life is preserved because the e cigarette doesn’t have to be primed in order to get the e liquid to vapourize. These batteries can also be recharged more than hundred times before needing to be replaced.

The kit has cartomizers that contain a high quantity of Tobacco flavour. However, there other flavours that can be contained in this kit and they may include Cherry, Coffee, Grape Vanilla and Apple. This is beneficial to users in that they have a wide range of selections to choose from and can sample a variety of flavours before settling on their preferred one. The nicotine concentration of the Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit cartomizers is between 1 to 2 percent, apart from the Tobacco Flavour; that has higher concentration rate of more than 2 percent. This makes it a healthier option of e cigarette as it provides quite low quantities of nicotine compared to other e cigarettes.

Innokin AIO Electronic Cigarette Kit

Would We Recommend This Kit?

Yes. Would we recommend it over the Innokin AIO? then then the answer would be no, but you still have to buy liquid with the AIO kit, so the costs would be slightly more, but if you’re on a budget then it’s a good place to start. You have to bear in mind though that the Innokin AIO does come with a 1020mah personal power bank. We would however recommend this kit to beginners that are starting out on electronic cigarettes for the first time. This is because it is simple to use, elegant to look at and comes with everything you need to start vaping out of the box. It comes with a range of flavours and is manufactured by a well-respected name in the industry. It’s only £34.99 and for that you’ll get a fair amount of vaping in a range of different flavours. If you are looking for a beginner’s kit to start you on your journey of vaping, then the Gamucci Deluxe Starter Kit is a great place to start.

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Author: Kevin Ewbank
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