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Smoktech Leader Range
The Leader series from SmokTech is a great range that we at SmokShop believe to be highly under rated in the e cigarette market. With a nice selection of tanks and a low price they really are hard to beat at the moment, so we have decided to dedicate this post to why we think you can get a great vaping experience at a budget price from the Leader range.

We currently stock three tanks in the Leader range and each have different benefits, but they all cleverly use the same SmokTech bottom coil tank replacement atomizer head, so that you can have several tanks using different coils for each one. This is a far more convenient way of upgrading your clearomizer tank and also means that you can test out the vaping experience from each coil and take out the risk element of getting something new that you may not like.

The Leader RBC

The RBC is the smallest of the Leader series tanks, and is also the cheapest replacement coil tank system on the website at a cost of just £2.99! This cool little tank utilises a bottom coil system, so dry hits are a thing of the past and coil changes can be carried out easily even if the tank is full of e-liquid. The RBC has a 1.6 ml capacity and is available in 8 different see-through colours, so seeing your e-liquid level is easy. If you use an eGo threading to attach to your battery, and a mouth piece that is integrated into the tank, it really is the perfect tank for people to start vaping with, or a great ‘out and about’ tank for those who have a habit of breaking their E-Cigs.

The Leader GBC

Much like the RBG, the SmokTech Leader GBC has a bottom coiled clearomizer for easy coil changes and fewer dry hits, as well as a one piece tank and a mouth piece section. Made from polycarbonate, this is a lightweight, generously sized tank that has a 2.5ml capacity, so will require less filling than its little brother while providing the same great vape, as it uses the same atomizer head.

Unlike the RBC the GBC uses a 510 connection, which makes it compatible with more devices as it has a wider base. It is recommended to use a shorty/eGo cone to give it a sleek, one piece look.

The Leader HBC

We believe the HBC is the most impressive tank in the Leader range. The HBC has all of the advantages of the RBC and GBC, such as a 510 connection, an easy to see juice level, a bottom coil for easy filling and fully saturated hits, and it utilizes the SmokTech bottom coil tank replacement atomizer head. Combined with its low price this tank really is hard to beat. As well as the other advantages, the HBC takes it up a notch by having a huge 6ml capacity, meaning it rarely needs to be refilled. It also has a glass tank with a protective metal casing, which means that you can use all types of e-liquid such as menthol and citrus flavours without the fear of the tank cracking. Not only all of that but it also has a replaceable 510 drip tip which can be changed to suit your preference, this tank really is a winner!

No matter which tank you choose from the Leader series we can guarantee that you will be impressed with its price and performance in comparison to many other tanks out there. So if you are an e cig beginner or a vaping expert that hasn’t yet tried the Smoktech Leader range then you should get on board and try it for yourself. As always feel free to leave your comment in the box below. We have told you our views and we would love to hear yours!

Author: Kevin Ewbank
Avid vaper & co-founder of SmokShop
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