Element E Liquid Review

Element E Liquid Review

Element Eliquid Smokshop Norwich

Element are an American e liquid company that have been gathering great reviews in the UK. We have just started stocking all of their flavours and highly recommend vapers give it a try. They are a premium e liquid with a fantastic vapour production. The packaging is high end with child safety caps, expiry dates and all the details you would expect from a premium e liquid. They use only organically extracted nicotine and the highest grade ingredients and their range of flavours are enough to keep any vaper satisfied.

The packaging and brand itself look good, with their angle being chemical elements from the periodic table. They have strong colours and simple designs, and their flavours are mainly fruit based and traditional. As followers of Smokshop.com will know, we like to test out each of the products we sell, to ensure a great overall service for our customers. We had a look at some of the flavours from Element and are happy to report our findings.

Flavours by Element

Element have quite a large range compared to other brands in the industry, and currently produce fifteen flavours.

  • Green Apple: A sweet and sharp apple flavour that is never out of season.
  • Banana Nut: A rich banana nut bread flavour with a hint of caramel.
  • Blueberry: A sweet blueberry flavoured e-liquid that captures the taste of fresh blueberries.
  • Limón: A burst of zesty citrus with this lemon and lime e-liquid.
  • Strawberry: A fresh ripe strawberry flavoured e-liquid.
  • Tangerine: A blend of tangerines, oranges and clementines.
  • Watermelon Chill: A sweet watermelon blended perfectly with smooth.
  • Vanilla: A sweet and silky smooth vanilla that is anything but ordinary.
  • Pink Lemonade: A lemonade and red fruit blend that tickles the tongue.
  • Energy: Not your normal energy e-liquid, this one is orange and mango flavoured.
  • Mojito: Taste the Caribbean with this tropical lime and cachaca flavour.
  • Zen: An exotic blend of peach, lychee and guava with a hint of passionflower.
  • V-Frost: A menthol blend to awaken your senses with a very mild sweetness.
  • Tobacco: Elements take on a classic smooth tobacco flavour.
  • Element 555 Tobacco: A rich tobacco flavour at the core with added hazelnut, almond and walnuts.

As you can see they have a good range that should satisfy most vapers tastes. They have a nice range of different fruits, along with a few unique blends. The most important thing with all e liquids is the taste, so we put some of these flavours through the test.

Banana Nut: is a rich banana nut bread infused with caramel. It has a rich banana smell to it and a great vapour production. If you like banana you will love this vape. It has sweet banana on the inhale and you can taste the nut on the exhale. The banana comes through really well on this and the creamy overtone adds something a bit special to the taste. As banana e liquids go this is right up there with the best.

Green Apple: is a sweet apple flavour, almost like candy apple. It has the same great vapour production as all liquids from Element and a thick cloud that makes for a real high quality vape. It has a really smooth flavour to it with a subtle taste of apple. It is has a fresh flavour that tingles in a similar way to a menthol e liquid. The apple doesn’t come through too strong and is more of an aftertaste. If you like a fresh vape and the taste of apple then you should give this one a try.

Vanilla: is a smooth, sweet vanilla flavour with hints of hazelnut. It is a real quality vape with that tantalising taste of vanilla. It’s not an overpowering vanilla flavour and the hazelnut really comes through. Again this is a high end vape and a great experience for anyone that likes the taste of vanilla.

Zen: is an exotic blend of fruits such as peach, lychee and guava. You can really taste the fruit in this vape. It has a creamy texture to it and it’s smooth, rich clouds really do conjure an image of peace and tranquillity. Like all Element flavours it has a subtle taste and isn’t overpowering in any way. It has a nice, fruity taste and really is an exquisite vape. You should definitely give it a try.

Tangerine: is an orange flavoured vape. It has a bold orange flavour to it and if you like orange you’ll like this. It isn’t as creamy as the other blends we’ve tested and has a strong orange flavour. There isn’t much else to say about this, but it’s tangerines.

Pink Lemonade: is a pink lemonade flavour. It tastes very sweet and lemony and like real lemonade and not the artificial kind. We really liked this flavour and it’s different to a lot of e liquids out there. it’s full of flavour and has a really nice, sweet taste that keeps its flavour long after you’ve vaped.

Watermelon Chill: is one of the favourites we’ve tested. It has a fresh, almost cool mint tingle to it, but not overpowering like menthol. The watermelon really comes through to provide a great, fresh tasting vape. We highly recommend this as a liquid you should try. There is nothing artificial about it, just fresh watermelon with a cool aftertaste. Great for the summer!

All in all we would say Element are a high end e liquid that are going to be around for a while. They have obviously spent a great amount of time perfecting their flavours and have spared no expense in getting their blends just right. The vapour production is right at the top of its game and definitely one of the best you’ll find. We have the full range available on our store, so do yourself a favour and give it a whirl!

As always we appreciate your feedback. So if you have any comments regarding Element e liquids, we would love to hear them


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